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I am a graduate in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee with a keen interest in harnessing energy resources sustainably. My previous work encompassed a versatile mix of research areas which were pursued with the aim of determining sustainable solutions to energy related issues. I've done carbon foot print studies of different fuels, safe use analysis of hydrogen in fueling stations, reliability studies of solar powered fuel cells,feasibility studies of photovoltaic powered desalination in India and assessment of dynamic interactions of water, energy and climate change across sectors of agriculture, industry, domestic and power production in India. Congruently, I've done preliminary research on nanotechnology in my under graduation in the use of nanofluids as coolants in nuclear reactors and nanotechnology for detection and diagnosis of cancer.

As a future researcher in the field of oil sands, I wish to pursue research in assessing the inherent molecular behavior of oil sands at different phases that are formed during the process of extraction with the aim of developing sustainable oil sands extraction technologies which ensure reduced water usage, carbon emissions and associated costs.