October 7


Welcome and Conference Introduction


Keynote: Keith Barr “The Miramichi fire of 1825”


Keynote: Yan Boucher “Historical Fire Regime and Ecosystem-based Forest Management”


Highlighted Speaker: Ken Strahan “Emergency Management Post-Black Saturday: Attitudes and Behaviour of Individuals in Bushfire prone Areas”

>> Download presentation


Concurrent Sessions


Natural Resources - Chair: Barry Geddes

Gregory Nowacki - Mapping Pyrophilic Percentage Across the Northeastern United States Using Witness Trees, with Focus on Four National Forests >> Download presentation

Robert Walker - Fire Management in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area: Balancing Risk, Water Quality and Landscape Restoration in a Regional Drinking Water Supply Area

Sonja Leverkus - Conserving Biodiversity Through Shifting Mosaics

Dave Schroeder - Development of a Canadian Fuel Management Database

Steven Hvenegaard - Measuring Equipment Productivity in Forest Fuel Treatments

David Patriquin - A Rare, Fire-Dependent Pine Barrens at the Wildland-Urban Interface of Halifax


History - Chair: Martin Giradin

Justin Waito - A Multi-Millennial Fire History from the Southern Boreal Forest of Central Canada Reconstructed from Tree-rings and Lake Sediments Charcoal Records

Eric Earle - Historical Pattern of Natural Disturbances in the Forests of Newfoundland

Rick Kubian - Characterizing the Mixed-Severity Fire Regime of the Kootenay Valley, Kootenay National Plan

Emma Davis - Using a Multi-Proxy Approach to Characterize the Historical Fire Regime of Jasper, AB, During the Late Holocene >> Download presentation

Cecile Remy - Vegetation Dynamics and Biomass Burning in Canadian Boreal Forest: An insight from Lacustrine Deposits >> Download presentation
Lori Daniels -Historic Fire Regimes of the Western Canadian Cordillera >> Download presentation








October 8


Keynote: Monica Emelko “Forests, Wildfire, and Drinking Water Security: A Mandate for Active Source Water Protection”


Keynote: Matt Davies “Fire Regime on Temperate Peatlands - Why We Worry About Moss”


Concurrent Sessions:


Risk - Chair: Dan Thompson

Anne-Claude Pepin - Fire Behaviour in Shrubland Fuel Type >> Download presentation

Uldis Silins - Management of Wildfire Risk in Forested Regions of Alberta to Downstream Municipal Drinking Water Treatment

Dan Perrakis - Validating Fire Behaviour in Mountain Pine Beetle Attacked Stands in British Columbia >> Download presentation

Alice A. Ou - An Example of Extreme Fire Behaviour Associated with a Dry Cold Front Passage: The 2012 Zama Wildfire Complex in Northwestern Alberta >> Download presentation

Elisabeth Beaubien - With Leaves Comes Rain! Predicting the End of Spring Fire Season >> Download presentation

Ellen Whitman - Integrating Fire and Climate Refugia in Forest Management

Didier Davignon - Performance Analysis of FireWork for Summer 2013 and Summer 2014 Using Surface Observation over the USA and Canada

Steve Sakiyama - BlueSky Canada Wildfire Smoke Forecasting System

Brigitte Leblon - Developing Improved Predictions of Organic Layer Fuel Moisture with Satellite Radar in Boreal Ecosystems for Fire Danger Assessment >> Download presentation

Joshua Johnston - Measuring Byram’s Fire Intensity from Infrared Remote Sensing Imagery >> Download presentation

Gavin Hough - Vision Systems for Wildfire Detection


Keynote: Bruce Shindler “Building Partnerships, Building Trust”


Panel Discussion: David Martell, Judy Beck, Bruce Shindler, Ray Ault


Society - Chair: Amy Christianson

Michael Lewis - Return to Flame: A Case Study of Aboriginal Burning and its Implication in Lytton, British Columbia >. Download presentation

Val Charlton - Transitioning from FireWise to LandWorks: Fire Adapted Communities in South Africa >> Download presentation
Timothy Brown - Extremes in Fire: The Intersection of Climate, Fuels and People >> Download presentation


Kitchen Party


October 9


Keynote: Judy Beck “Strategic Directions in Canadian Wildland Fire Management to 2020”


Concurrent Sessions


Society - Chair: Amy Christianson

Shayne Mintz - East to West, North to South: NFPA Resources Cover Fire Safety >> Download presentation
Toddi A. Steelman - Best Practices in Public Communications on a Wildfire >> Download presentation

Molly Mowery - Wildfire Partners: How to Engage Homeowners in Taking Meaningful Action

Steve Taylor - Coarse-scale Assessment of the Canadian Wildand Urban Interface


Accountability - Chair: Stephanie Maragna

Cordy Tymstra - Extremes in Fire: The Intersection of Climate, Fuels and People >> Download presentation

Brian Stocks - Trends in Wildland Fire Load and Fire Management Expenditures in Canada 1970-2012 >> Download presentation

Brian Simpson - A Climate Change Action Plan for Wildfire Management in British Columbia >> Download presentation

Colin McFayden - Analyses Supporting Ontario’s Proposed Wildland Fire

Kris Johnson - A Review of the Wildland Fire Behaviour Specialist Course: 1995 -2014 >> Download presentation

Den Boychuk - Problems with Performance Measures for Wildland Fire Management

Marie-Pierre Rogeau - Fire Regimes, Dynamics at the Ecotone Between the Mountain and Foothills Landscapesof Southern Alberta >> Download presentation

Dan Perrakis - Use of wildfire photographs for validating fire behaviour models >> Download presentation

Daniel Poirer - Performance Indicators for the Wildfire Prevention Program >> Download presentation

Kelly Johnston - FireSmart: Local Solutions for a National Priority

Colin McFayden - A Decision Support System for Daily Aerial Detection Planning in Ontario

Mike Tucker - Risk-based Wildfire Management Planning at the Lac La Biche Fire Centre, Alberta

Hardi Shahadu - Adaptive Fire Management in Western Canada: The Role of Innovation in Institutional Adaptiveness and Resiliency >> Download presentation


Concluding Remarks