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Exploring the Capabilities of Helicopter Bucket Tracking Systems and Their Potential for Improving Fleet Management

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Lightning Occurrence Prediction Model for Alberta’s Forested Region >> Download PDF

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Assessing the Historical Occurrence of Fire and Insect Disturbance in British Columbia, Canada

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An Overview of Different Software for the Canadian Fire Effects CanFIRE Model >> Download PDF

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Testing the Continuous Haines Index in British Columbia >> Download PDF

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Whitebark Pine Regeneration Following Fire Disturbance in the R11 Forest Management Unit

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Are Lake Levels Related to Area Burned in Alberta

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Application of Fire to Achieve Biological Diversity and Species at Risk Objectives: Case Studies from Southern Ontario

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FireSmart Online - A GIS-Based FireSmart Hazard Assessment Web Application for Homeowners

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Characterizing Forest Fuels Using LIDAR on Saltspring Island, British Columbia

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Fuel Moisture Dynamics under Mountain Pine Beetle Infested Conditions and its Relationship with Current Canadian Fire Weather Index System

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Collaboration in Community-Based Fie Management: A Partnership Between FireSmart (Canada), FireWise (USA) and Beyond

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CIFFC Fire Science and Technology Community of Practice >> Download PDF

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Mapping Recent Fire History in Wapusk National Park and Greater Park Ecosystem with Landsat Imagery >> Download PDF

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Utilizing New Technology to Further Improve Wildfire Detection

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Improving the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System Drought Code Adjustment with Radarsat-2 Data

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An Indoor Simulation Platform for Wildfire Monitoring Using UAVs >> Download PDF

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Fire Behaviour Knowledge Base

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Modelling Strategies for more Fire on the Landscape

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Effects of Prescribed Fire, Wildland Fire and Fuel Management Techniques on Grizzly Bear Habitat in Banff, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks

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Canadian Boreal Communities FireSmart (CBCFS) Project Site >> Download PDF

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Community Forest Fires Management in Indonesia: An Analysis of Conceptual and Legal Framework

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Evaluating the Success of Using Prescribed Fire for the Restoration of Douglas-Fir (Pseudostuga Menziesii) Grasslands: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada >> Download PDF

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Towards a Collaborative Forest Fires Management in Portugal: Context and Challenges

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Mathematical Modelling of Crown Forest Fire Spread

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Planning FireSmart Communities

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Alberta ESRD’s Fire and Vegetation Monitoring Program

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Evan Thomas: Case Study of Fuel Changes and Fire Behaviour for Fuel Amendments and Prescribed Fire

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Characteristics of Masticated Fuelbeds in the Canadian Boreal Forest >> Download PDF

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Impacts of Understory Burning on Regenerative Success in Lodgepole Pine Stands Killed by Mountain Pine Beetle

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Fire-ties: The Role of Ritual and Ceremony in Linking People and Conserving Landscapes >> Download PDF

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Science-Based Guidelines for the Pumping of Water from Peatlands for Fire Suppression

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The Sensitivity of Tree Species at the Site and Landscapes Level to Disturbance and Climate Change in The Southwest Yukon, Canada >> Download PDF

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Reverse-Engineering the Wildland-Urban Interface in the Halifax Regional Municipality Using Burn-P3

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Industrial FireSmart Impacts and Products Display

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The New Grass Moisture Model as a Tool for Predicting Daily Numbers of Human-Caused Fires

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Lighting Fire Ignition and its Relationship with Duff Moisture Code

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A Wildland Fire Management Decision Support Systems