Colin McFayden


Digital Aerial Wildfire Detection System. >> Download PDF

Colin McFayden


ForestWatch Automated Tower Wildfire Detection Systems: An OPS Ideas & Innovation Fund Project. >> Download PDF

Darcy Dayman


Aviation Forest Fire and Emergency Services Northern Community Profile Tool. >> Download PDF

Franco Nogarin


Project FireEye: Exploring Wildland Fire Applications with ARDi. >> Download PDF

Vera Lindsay


Values at Risk in the Northwest Territory. >> Download PDF

James Minas


Operations Research Methods for Wildfire Decision Making Under Risk & Uncertainity. >> Download PDF

Tetyana Andriychuk


Night-Vision Device Aided Aerial Forest Fire Detection: Experience in a Controlled Test Grid

Erin Hueston


Visual Information Management within Fire Response Organizations. >> Download PDF

Al O’Connor


Weather Damaged Fuels Hazard Rating System. >> Download PDF

Al O’Connor


Hazardous Fuels Prescribed Burning Initiatives in the West Fire Region. >> Download PDF

Mark Roddick and Dan Corbett


Estimating Fuel Loading in Weather Damaged Forest Conditions in Ontario

Mike Kitney


Heavy Equipment Trials: Determining Optimum Equipment Combinations to Use in Hazardous Fuels. >> Download PDF

Matt Coyle


Landsat Forest Disturbance Trial, 2010. >> Download PDF

Dan Johnston


Flammability and Fire Behaviour of Forest Bogs

Jason Robinson


Integrating Fire on the Islands of Eagle Lake to Promote Ecological Integrity and Ecosystem Health

Jennifer Young


Managing Fire in the West Fire Region. >> Download PDF

Nicole Galambos


Integrating Fire Management Across a Complex Landscape

Denis Gagnon


Northeast Region Planning Unit: Marginal Values Assessment to Determine Fire Priorities. >> Download PDF

Larry Fremont


Beware of Gold Mines

Alistair McKenzie


Changing Perspective - Maturation of Prescribed Burning in Pinery Provincial Park

Marie-Eve Foisy


Fire: Rescuing White Pine - 20 Years of Prescribed Fire in La Mauricie National Park. >> Download PDF

Leonardo Cabrera


Fire Ecology, History, and Management in Point Pellee National Park

Jim Durnin


Fire Management Successes in Prince Albert National Park of Canada. >> Download PDF

Darren Quinn


An Analysis of a Planned Ignition Fire Run in Mountain Pine Beetle Affected Fuels: Mitchell Ridge Prescribed Fire

Josh Van Wierren


Using Fire to Restore Pitch Pine in St. Lawrence Islands National Parks

Safi Merdas


Balance of Forest Fire in Some Wilayas of Eastern Algeria

Hugh Liu


A Cooperative Multi-vehicle System for Autonomous Monitoring and Prediction of the Spread of Forest Fires

Vladimir Agranat


CFD Modeling of Large Crown Forest Fires Behaviour. >> Download PDF

Gary Zhang


Wildfire Management Decision Support System. >> Download PDF

Bill de Groot


Implementing a Global Early Warning System for Wildland Fire

Martie Gadelin


Prediction of Wildland Fire Danger in Sweden. >> Download PDF

Mike Wotton


Demonstrating the Predictive Ability of the New Tallgrass Fuel Moisture and Fire Behaviour Models Developed for Southern Ontario

Steve Taylor


High Resolution Simulations of Fire Risk in British Columbia in a Changing Climate

John Lee and Doug Woolford


Forest Fire Risk Assessment: An Illustrative Example from Muskoka, Ontario. >> Download PDF

Alisha Albert-Green and Doug Woolford


Modeling the Survival Times of Forest Fires. >> Download PDF

Spectrum Han and Doug Woolford


Prediction Contours with Prometheus Based on Rate of Spread. >> Download PDF

Yolanda Li and Doug Woolford


Modeling Fire Frequency with Negative Binomial Spatial Regression Models. >> Download PDF

Dave Edmonds


Basecamp Infrastructure in Ontario

Roger Desjardins


The Grawmet Radiosond System

Doug Gilmore and Elder Oliver Hill


Anishinabe Eshkotaywin - Where Does It Fit Within EI Model?

Steve Taylor  

The Contribution of The Forestry Chronicle to Wildland Fire Management in Canada. >> Download PDF

Martin Kwiaton  

Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics Associated with Post-Wildfire Stand Development for Jack Pine-Dominated Sites in Northwestern Ontario. >> Download PDF

Kendrick Brown


The Importance of Forest Composition in Regulating the Fire Regime of Boreal Europe

Daniel Moser


An Investigator Analysis of the Physiological Demands of the Ontario Fire Ranger

Fumiaki Takahashi


Structure Protection from Wildland-Urban Interface Fires by Fire Blankets. >> Download PDF

Paul Maczek


Community Wildland Threat Assessment in Saskatchewan

Allan Westhaver


Lessons in Gaining Public Acceptance of Wildfire Mitigations: A Field Perspective from Successful FireSmart Community