Biennial Wildland Fire Canada Conferences

Wildland Fire Canada (WFC) is a conference series that networks fire management agencies in Canada. These biennial conferences focus on fire management, ecology, and science in Canada. Past conferences have been held in Kitchener, Ontario; Kananaskis, Alberta; and upcoming Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada has a diversity of fire-prone environments that bring a unique perspective to wildland fire challenges and opportunities.


The goal at these conferences is to provide a forum for fire managers to exchange best practices. Fire scientists to present new research findings. Fire practitioners to discuss lessons learned. Fire enthusiasts to attend workshops and activities to develop a deeper understanding about wildland fire across Canada. The Wildland Fire Canada conferences facilitates a variety of partnership from a multitude of natural resource management disciplines.



The agenda, presentations, posters and vieos from each of the conferences are presented.


An Awards ceremony was started in 2012. Visit the awards section to view information about the awards and the past recipients. As well, you can nominate a potential candidate for an Award.