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The Perfect Fit

Jul 29, 2016

The Perfect Fit , 25”X31”Gallery Canvas Framed

This is a an acrylic painting commissioned by an colleague of mine at work . She, who has a shoe fetish  had just bought a place of her own and was in the process of decorating it.  Amongst other finer things in life,  she loved shoes, clothes and wildlife. She gave me the photograph of the shoe that she wanted in the painting,

Photograph Of The Shoe

She lent me a few of her scarfs, I chose the one below reflecting an analogous pattern

A Scarf Bearing A Wild Animal Print

Decided to paint depicting the pattern of the scarf as a back drop, and placing it over an antique wooden chest with the shoe on top

The Completed Painting

I have tried to incorporate all three of her passions with the brand new shoe on top of an antique wooden chest to provide some contrast. She was thrilled. Hope you approve as well.

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