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Reviews From A Few Collectors Of My Paintings

Finding an artist that could capture the beauty of the Athabasca the way we had viewed it felt impossible and I had almost given up, when I found Mohamed. Mohamed was able to capture The Athabasca exactly as we had hoped. Our family had taken a number of trips to the Jasper area in the course of a few years. We fell in love with the Athabasca River and I wanted to get my wife a personal gift to remind her of the beauty of that river and area. I searched for a while and was delighted to find Mohamed. He was so personal in his approach and has such an eye for capturing the beauty of this part of Canada. He took extra steps to make it a special gift and experience. The next time we have a painting done, Mohamed will be my first call and will always be my first trusted recommendation. 

Josh Aston UT USA

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I first met Mohamed when he was still a medical student in Kenya. I never imagined that he would become such a prolific and accomplished painter. I find it fascinating that Mohamed’s love for art developed in his late forties in Edmonton. As a Radiologist, he has this uncanny ability to make simple drawings so that physician colleagues and patients could easily understand what he was seeing on complex  images.  It was also quite remarkable that he used this talent to be a better teacher of medical students and residents.  For me, his paintings highlight so many of the natural wonders and nuances that I had not previously fully appreciated, and I find myself more observant as a result.  I fell in love with his Ying and Yang Triptych, as it evoked so many memories from frequent safaris in East Africa’s famous game parks. Ever since I can remember, I wondered if Zebras were black on white or white on black, and these paintings capture that emotion so perfectly. I also love Stripes where Mohamed has transformed the zebra with vibrant colors. Mohamed’s paintings remind me of the famous poet Rumi who says 

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.

Harshad Sanghvi MD, Baltimore, MD USA

My husband and I went on a dream trip to the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya a few years ago, and I seriously regretted not finding a piece of art to bring home to remind me of our safari. I found Mohamed's painting, "Tembo"  by chance on the Fine Art America website, and it took my breath away. Elephants have always been my favorite animal, and there was something just magical about Mohamed's Tembo (Swahili for elephant), and the look on the mother elephant's face. When I learned Mohamed is originally from Kenya, and his painting was inspired by an elephant he encountered in the Maasai Mara, it made me love the painting even more. 

Mohamed was an absolute delight to work with, and shipped the painting to me quickly and with great care. He even provided advice on framing! His customer service is just as impressive as his artistic abilities, and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking to grow their art collection. 

Amy Auth, Raleigh, N.C.

Mohamed is a friend and neighbour of mine and for many years has offered an open house exhibition of Art on a weekend in either the Spring or Fall.

We have a number of his pieces as originals or prints. 

My wife and I agree our favourite paintings are original water colours of fruit on a plate, as well as fruit on a table with a preserve jar next to it.

Mohamed has explained how water colours are so difficult because the image has to be visualized ahead of time to incorporate the whites and shades of light as these are in most  instances not coloured in but left by the artist as untouched canvas or paper.

The two pieces mentioned above have those features and are quite impressive. 

My latest acquisition was a painting of a lion fish done in acrylic which I love.

It is always great  to see Mohamed's new work and we continue to enjoy the art we have purchased. 

Ron and Cheryl  Holmes, Edmonton, AB, Canada

We are lucky to have purchased and also been gifted a few pieces of Art painted by Mohamed Hirji. Each painting is unique and adds a charm to any room that it is placed. Mohamed is passionate about his art and it shows. When selecting a piece I’ve always enjoyed speaking with him about his methods, techniques and inspiration. I highly recommend both new and old collectors to view his collection because they will surely find something that catches their eye. Always a pleasure to deal with. 

Francesca & Graham Hoff, 

Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

I met Dr. Hirji through work and have attended a few of his art shows at his home, and that is where I found many favourites. We have had interesting conversations where Dr. Hirji is always willing to share his knowledge, ideas, and techniques; he makes everyone feel like they could be an artist!  


Dr. Hirji’s oil paintings especially have caught my eye; the 1st one I proudly own is called “Blissful”. It is a beautiful garden scene with an archway that takes you away on the path beyond… This painting is in my office, and I do love to look up from the computer to give my eyes a break and allow myself a mini-escape.


In our living room, a pair of oil paintings in my favourite blues and greens bring a peaceful feeling to this space; they feature rivers winding through rocky beds with mountains in the background.


The northern lights have been captured brilliantly in 2 smaller watercolour paintings that are displayed near our front entry. So… I do like watercolours too!


Dr. Hirji’s paintings of Edmonton and area, mountain parks, and Alberta in general remind me just how much I love where we live. Thank you, Dr. Hirji! 

  Marla Schumacher.

  Spruce Grove, Alberta. Canada

I saw this vivid painting of Tuscany by Mohamed Hirji displayed in my office lobby and I just had to have it. His painting reminded me of a trip I had taken to Italy and I am so proud to have it hanging on my wall at home. I love how the composition draws you into that Tuscan farmhouse and the colours make you feel like you are in the warm Italian sunshine. Mohamed has truly captured the essence of a special place with this artwork. Thank you for creating a constant and beautiful reminder of a place that I love.


Stan Bissell.

Edmonton, Alberta

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