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Oil Paintings

Oil is a very versatile and forgiving medium. Hence it is used by many artists. Up-close, oil paintings have an abstract quality. However, when viewed from a distance the forms magically take shape.  Oil paints dry by oxidation over several days and therefore the medium is ideally suited for en plein air (outdoors) paintings. The paint is also applied in thick layers to provide texture.

What follows on this page are my original oil paintings. They are  painted either on archival, stretched canvas, or archival  panels. The panels may be canvas boards, linen boards, 5 ply birch or aluminum panels. Only artists grade, fade free, archival pigments have been used. Once dry, all of them are oiled out and protected with 2 coats of  UV filtering varnish. The paintings on stretched canvases are ready to hang without a frame. The ones on panel require a frame. None need to be framed under glass.

To ease  viewing &  selection,  my oil paintings have been categorized in several subsections. Just scroll down to view the various categories.

 Florals & Still life

Snow & Mountains

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Trees & Fields


Skies & Buildings

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