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The Iris - Acrylic 3 - Conclusion

Jul 17, 2018

Having blocked in the background, I proceeded to paint the petals of the flower.

The Petal on the left blocked in

Petal on the right blocked in and refined

Further refinement of both petals

Subsequently, I painted the rest of the petals, added the the red-orange "beards" and refined the stem and the background. The whites of the flowers have also been painted with warm and cool variegated colours.

This completes my rendition of the Iris in Acrylic. Remember a painting is viewed from about 6 feet away rather than a few inches away as on a computer monitor. You can compare the watercolour version of the Iris from the previous blog and this image.

Iris In Acrylic completed painting.

I would be interested in your opinion as to which you prefer, the watercolor or the acrylic version? just drop an email.

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