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Rural Scene In Romania - Part 2

Oct 7, 2018

In the last newsletter, I discussed some steps in creation of a painting for a friend from Romania. In this newsletter, I will conclude the process.

Since last time, the background trees and the mountain have taken shape. The foreground has also been defined. The sky colour has been added showing the warm glow underneath.

Starting To Define The Surrounding Masses

There is now more definition of the oxen and the farmer, The far village has been laid down, more sky colour has been added and the foreground is now taking a more 3 dimensional form.

Defining The Foreground

Mare rendering of the distant hill gives it a three dimensional look. The village is now more detailed. The mid ground has been laid. The oxen, the farmer and the implements are almost done with highlights having been applied.  The grasses and the trees have taken shape.

At last we are nearing the end.

The Final Painting

Voila! the painting is done. It needed some final details to bring it to life. The village had to be redone. The middle ground was worked on, and a lot more colour and detail added to the foreground especially to the farmer and the oxen.

After the painting had dried, It was oiled out and about a week later, 2 coats of UV protectant varnish applied was applied to protect the painting.

This I hope explains why creating a painting is so laborious. Unlike what one sees on the TV shows where an artist flips off the "masterpiece" in mere 25 minutes. The best analogy to alpply is that it takes years to make a movie that takes 90 minutes to view. All the work done behind the scene Is never appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed this journey.

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