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Rural Scene In Romania - Part 1

Oct 2, 2018

The Following is a brief description of creation of a painting from start to finish.

A friend of mine from Romania wanted me to paint for her, a scene that she had grown up with. A farmer in a a rural countryside in Romania tilling his field.

She brought to me some reference images of the equipment and the harness that would be used on the oxen.

She also wanted to include a scene of nearby village. On chatting with her, she relayed to me

that most small family farms in Romania are near the villages and that the villages usually have a church as the main building with the family homes and small businesses built around the church. Most of the buildings also have a red tiled roof.s

She was not sure which medium would be ideal, I suggested that it be painted in Oil on a Gallery Canvas

Since I did not want the village to compete with the farm scene, I convinced her that I will place the village far away in at the foot of a hill.

Subsequently, I devised a rough sketch and once she was pleased, I got on with the task at hand.

The white canvas is. now on the easel and requires some preparation with a couple of coats of Gesso and GAC

300  which is an acrylic medium  brushed on to both sides of the canvas to ensure its longevity.

The White Blank Canvas On The Easel

Once dry, I proceeded to stain the canvas with a warm colour which would be impart a slight glow to the finished piece.

Canvas Toned In Warm Colour

Blocking In The Shapes

Here I have blocked in the shapes with the approximate colours that I was going to use in the final painting.

Essentially, this is the skeleton upon which the painting will be based.

More in my next blog where I will reveal the finished painting.

I do accept commissions for paintings.  Just email me your thoughts,  requirements and pertinent images. and we can discuss.

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