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1951 Chevy- Part 3

Nov 9, 2018

In the last post I discussed how I came to this design of the commissioned painting of the antique 1951 Chevy.

The Planned Design

Now the fun begins!! Painting the car. As is my usual practice, I applied two additional coats of Gesso to the stretched gallery canvas. Each coat was allowed to dry for 24 hours. Once both coats were dry, I applied CAG 100 on both sides. GAC 100 is an acrylic polymer that makes the canvas taut and prevents rot & mildew. I then toned the canvas to a warm tan colour, drew my outlines lightly and started blocking in the dark shapes.

Blocking In The Dark Shapes

Some additional, judicious blocking in shaped the car.

Further Blocking In And The Car Taking Shape

The next step was to come up with an approximate colour to block in the dark shadow shapes on the car.

Blocking In The Dark Shadow Shapes Of The Car

I then moved over to the lighter, sunlit shapes and the highlights. Constantly working back and forth refining the colours of the entire car.

The Car Slowly Taking Shape

Even though the car appears done, there is much more left to do to bring it to life. That however has to wait until the background is blocked in.

The Entire Car Now Blocked In

Thank you for following my blog. Join me on the next blog to see the progress. Bye until then.

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