Paragraph 5

19. Nune deit buat nebe hau bele hato ba imi kona ba
  Just this thing which I be able to tell to you.PL touch to

  moris ema Timor nian.    
  life people Timor POSS
  'That is all that I can tell you about the life of the Timorese.'  

20. Hau sei hakarak fo hatene tan buat barak ba imi  
  1SG still want give know more thing many to you.PL

  maibe tanba tempo badak liu neduni ita sei fahe malu  
  but because time very short therefore 1PL.INCL will part selves

  to iha nee deit.  
  at this just
  ' I still want to tell you many things but time is very short and that's why we will say goodbye right here.'

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