Paragraph 3.

9. Bainhira sira hetan ona aifuan ho animal nebe sira hakiak, sira sei
  when they get already fruits and animals which they cultivate they will

  tun ba fan buat sira nee iha basar nebe dok husi  
  down go sell thing all the in market which far from

  sira nia hela fatin.
  they POSS stay place
  'When they have the yield from what they planted and raised, they will go down to the city to sell these things in the market which is far from their place.'


10. Sira sei lao dok ba too iha cidade atu bele, fan sira
  they will walk far go until at city in order to be able to sell they

  nia sasan.                    
  POSS thing                  
  'They will walk far down to the city to sell their things.'    

11. Biar dok. maibe. sira. la. senti. kolen..  
  though far but they NEG feel tired
  'Though it is faraway, they do not feel exhausted.'

12. Tanba iha basar. sira sei hetan sira nia maluk barak  
  because in market they will meet they POSS friend many

  nebe sira atu bele tesi lia kona ba buat barak  
  who they will be able to cut language touch to thing many

  iha sira nia moris loron-loron nian.  
  in they POSS life day-day theirs
  'Because, in the market they will meet with many of their friends who they can talk about many things in their daily life.'  

13. Basar ida nee hahu husi dader too fali loro-kraik.  
  market one the continues from morning untl again sun-down
  'This market starts in the morning and finishes in the afternoon.'  

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