Paragraph 2.

6. Ema sira nebe moris iha foho sei buka ai-han hodi halo toos,
  person they who live in mountain will find plant-eat by do farm

  hakiak animal ho mos halo buat seluk tan.  
  raise animal and also do thing other also
  'Those living in the mountains will make their living by cultivating and raising animals and other activities.'


7. Sira nebe moris iha loro-sae barak liu mak buka moris
  they who live in sun-rise many over that find life

  hodi kuda modo ho ai-fuan i hakiak mos animal
  by grow vegetables and tree-fruit and raise also animal
  'Those living in the east are mostly involved in planting vegetables and fruit trees and raising animals.'


8. Sira nebe moris iha loro-monu barak liu mak buka moris hodi kuda café
  they who live in sun-fall many over that find life by grow coffee

  tanba sira nia rai-n riku tanba iha café barak.
  because they POSS land-POSS rich because have coffee many
  'Those who live in the west mostly make their living by planting coffee as their land is rich and has a lot of coffee.'

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