Bom dia maun alin sira. Diak ka lae?Ohin hau hakarak fo hatene ba imi kona ba ema Timor oan nia moris loron-loron nian. Hau hatene katak ema barak la hatene kona ba ema Timor nia moris. Ita bele fahe Ema Timor nia moris iha fatin rua. Sira nebe moris iha foho ho sira nebe moris iha tasi ou iha lorosae no mos iha loromonu.

Good morning brothers and sisters. How are you?Today I want to tell you about the daily life of the people of East Timor. I know that many people do not know about the life of East Timorese. We can categorise East Timorese into two: those living in the mountains and those living by the sea or those living in the east and also those living in the west.


Ema sira nebe moris iha foho sei buka aihan hodi halo toos, hakiak animal ho mos halo buat seluk tan. Sira nebe moris iha lorosae barak liu mak buka moris hodi kuda modo ho aifuan i hakiak mos animal. Sira nebe moris iha loromonu barak liu mak buka moris hodi kuda cafˇ tanba sira nia rain riku tanba iha cafe barak.

Those living in the mountains will make their living by cultivating and raising animals and other activities. Those living in the east are mostly involved in planting vegetables and fruit trees and raising animals. Those who live in the west mostly make their living by planting coffee as their land is rich for having a lot of coffee.


Bainhira sira hetan ona aifuan ho animal nebe sira hakiak, sira sei tun ba fan buat sira nee iha basar nebe dok husi sira nia hela fatin. Sira sei lao dok ba too iha cidade atu bele fan sira nia sasan. Biar dook maibe sira la senti kolen. Tanba iha basar sira sei hetan siran maluk barak nebe sira atu bele tesi lia kona ba buat barak iha sira nia moris loron-loron nian. Basar ida nee hahu husi dader too fali lorokraik.

When they have the yield from what they planted and they raised, they will go down to the city to sell these things in the market which is far from their place. They will walk far down to the city to sell their things. Though it is faraway, they do not feel exhausted. Because, in the market they will meet with many of their friends who they can talk about many things in their daily life. This market starts in the morning and finishes in the afternoon


La hanesan ema sira hela iha foho, ema sira nebe moris besik tasi ibun sei buka moris hanesan pescador. Sira kaer ikan hodi hakail no soe redi. Buat sira ne sira sei halo tuir nafatin tempo uluk nian. Se loron ruma imi too karik ba rai Timor, imi sei hare ho matan ema barak mak fan ikan iha dalan. Sira lori ikan lao ba mai hodi atu bele buka ema atu sosa.

Unlike those who live in the mountains, the people living by the sea will make their living as fishermen. They catch fish using fishing rod or fishing net. They are still fishing according to the old times (traditional practice). If someday you go to Timor you will see with your own eyes many people selling fish on the streets. They bring their fish around the city to find people to buy their fish.


Nune deit buat nebe hau bele hato ba imi kona ba moris ema Timor nian. Hau sei hakarak fo hatene tan buat barak ba imi maibe tanba tempo badak liu neduni ita sei fahe malu to iha nee deit. That is all what I can tell you about the life of East Timorese. I still want to tell you many things but as time is very short that is why we will say good bye just right here.