Paragraph 1.

(Our glosses are only suggestive of the meanings of the words. They should not be taken as definitive!)

1. Bom dia maun alin sira. Diak ka lae?  
  good day brother younger sibling all fine or not  
  ''Good morning brothers and sisters. How are you? '

2. Ohin hau hakarak fo hatene ba imi kona ba
  today I want give know to you.PL touch to

  ema Timor oan nia moris loron-loron nian.
  people Timor off-spring POSS life day-day POSS
  'Today I want to tell you about the daily life of the people of East Timor.'

3. Hau hatene katak ema barak la
kona ba
  I know that person many NEG know touch to

ema Timor nia. moris.          
  people Timor POSS life          
  'I know that many people do not know about the life of East Timorese. '


4. Ita bele fahe Ema Timor nia moris iha fatin rua.
  we.INCL can divide person Timor POSS life in place two
  'We can categorise East Timorese and their lives into two.'


5. Sira nebe moris iha foho ho nebe moris iha tasi
  they who live in mountains and who live by sea

  ou iha loro-sae no mos iha loro-monu.  
  or in sun-rise and also iin sun-set  
  'Those who live in the the mountains and those living by the sea or those in the east and also those in the west.'

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