Paragraph 4

14. La hanesan ema sira hela iha foho, ema sira nebe moris
  NEG like people they live in mountains people they who live

  besik tasi ibun sei buka moris hanesan pescador    
  near sea mouth will find living like fisherman  
  'Unlike those who live in the mountains, those living by the sea make their living as fishermen.'  

15. Sira kaer ikan hodi ha-kail no soe redi.  
  they catch fish by prefixl-hook or throw net
  'They catch fish using fishing-rod or fishing-net.  

16. Buat sira nee sira sei halo tuir nafatin tempo uluk nian.
  thing they those they still do follow same time before POSS
  'They are still fishing according to the old times (traditional practice).'

17. Se loron ruma ima too karik ba rai Timor,  
  if day some you.PL go if to country Timor

  imi sei hare ho matan ema barak mak fan ikan iha dalan.
  NEG like people with eye people many that sell fish on street
  'If some day you go to Timor, you will see with your own eyesmany people selling fish on the streets.'

18. Sira lori ikan lao ba mai hodi atu bele  
  they carry fish walk go come

in order to

CON be able to

  buka ema atu sosa.
  find people CON buy
  'They carry their fish around the city to find people to buy their fish.'

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