A Cross-Cultural Approach
McFarland Press, 2011

This book presents a cross-cultural approach to Ukrainian dance. Exploring major different motivations for dancing, we look at Ukrainian dance in various settings. In particular, we contrast Ukrainian dance performed in traditional village culture, as opposed to “reflective dance” settings organized to express national identity, for recreational purposes, or as spectacular art. Each of these four contexts for Ukrainian dance has its own characteristics, and produces different types of dancing.

Examples are organized sequentially as in the book, grouped by chapters. Some items remain in the process of copyright clearance, and will be posted as soon as available.

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Theatricalizing a Dance

  1. -kolomyika, Prnjavor

  2. -Kolomyika, Avramenko 1931

  3. -Kolomyika, Avramenko 1942

  4. -Zaporozhets’, Avramenko

  5. -participatory spin

  6. -presentational spin

  7. -vysoka

  8. -kolomyikovyi pidskok

3 Principles of Staging

  1. -Govlia, Shcha ia tebe dam, remembering

  2. -Govlia, Shcha ia tebe dam, ensemble

  3. -Tinikling

  4. -Granea O’Malley

  5. -Kateryna

  6. -Les Voyageurs

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