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REN R 480/580 - Applied statistics for the environmental & life sciences

Permanent link: http://tinyurl.com/rr480

Course instructor: Dr. Andreas Hamann, GSB 733, 492-6429, andreas.hamann@ualberta.ca

Time & Location: Fall Terms, Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 to 9:20am, Thursday 12:30-1:50pm, GSB 866.

Online version: This course is the online equivalent of course RENR 480/580, tought at the University of Alberta. If you want to "audit" the class, or could not enroll because the class was full, you may use the self-study material below. The course focuses on problem formulation, method selection, and interpretation of statistical analysis, with applications focussed on the environmental and life sciences. The course covers data management and data visualization, statistical tests for parametric, non-parametric and binomial data, linear and non-linear regression approaches. Registered participants will also engage in problem-based learning by analyzing simulated or publicly available datasets, or by working with data from their thesis research project.

Registered students: If you take RENR 480/580 for credit, then log into the University of Alberta eClass section for this course instead: http://tinyurl.com/rr480/eclass

On-line self-study material

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Topic Videos Labs & Data
Course introduction
Introduction, target audience, statistics and science, course objectives
0.1. Course intro
0.2. Good hypotheses
0.3. Your univariate toolbox
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Syllabus: pdf  
Unit 1: Introduction to R
What is R, working with the R console, working efficiently with scripts, importing data to R, jailbreaking R
1.1. Intro to R
1.2. Working efficiently
1.3. Importing data
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Lab 1: pdf, pdf

RStudio option:
Lab 1B: pdf, pdf
Unit 2: Statistical design & data tables
Standard data table format, variable types, statistical concepts implied by data tables
2.1. Standard data tables
2.2. Your own layouts
2.3. Concepts & variables
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Lab 2: pdf

R Cheat: pdf

Lecture notes:
2.1. docx
2.2. docx
2.3. docx
Unit 3: Data visualization and descriptive statistics
Exploratory graphics, numerical and graphical data summaries, degrees of freedom, error and bias
3.1. Exploratory graphics
3.2. Descriptive statistics
3.3. Error, bias, df
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Lab 3: pdf, pdf
Lab 3 (gg): pdf
Lab 4: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
3.1. docx
3.2. docx
3.3. docx
Unit 4: Statistical foundations
Replication, randomization, independence, normal distributions, central limit theorem, standard errors and confidence intervals
4.1. Statistical principles
4.2. Central limit theorem
4.3. Standard errors & CI
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Lecture notes:
4.1. docx
4.2. docx
4.3. docx
Unit 5: Presentation of quantitiative data
Graphic fundamentals, scatter plots, line plots, bar charts, dot plots, high data:ink ratio graphs
5.1. Use of graph types
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Lab 5A: pdf, pdf
Lab 5B: pdf, pdf
Lab 5A (gg): pdf
Lab 5B (gg): pdf

Lecture notes:
5.1. docx
Unit 6: Inferential statistics: the T-test
Signal-to-noise ratios, single-sample T-test, two-sample t-test, paired T-test, statistical hypothesis testing
6.1. Recap SE, CI
6.2. Single-sample T-test
6.3. Triumph & Faliure
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6.4. Signal:noise ratios
6.5. T-test, paired T-test
6.6. "Hypothesis" testing
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Lab 6: pdf, pdf

Reading: pdf,pdf

Lecture notes:
6.1. docx
6.2. docx
6.3. docx
6.4. docx
6.5. docx
6.6. docx
Unit 7: Analysis of variance
One-factor ANOVA, pairwise tests, effect size statistics
7.1. Anlysis of variance
7.2. ANOVA tables
7.3. Type-I error inflation
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7.4. Pairwise comparisons
7.5. Effect size statistics
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Lab 7: pdf, pdf

Reading: pdf,pdf

Lecture notes:
7.1. docx
7.2. docx
7.3. docx
7.4. docx
7.5. docx
Unit 8: Multi-factor ANOVA
Two-factor ANOVA, interactions, blocking, covariates, assumptions, transformations, mixed models, BLUPs and BLUEs
8.1. Multi-factor ANOVA
8.2. Blocking & covariates
8.3. ANOVA assumptions
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Lab 8: pdf, pdf
Lab 8B: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
8.1. docx
8.2. docx
8.3. docx
Unit 9: Correlation and regression analysis
Pearson correlation, linear regression, non-parametric regression, non-linear regression, bootstrapping
9.1. Correlation & regression
9.2. General linear model
9.3. Non-linear regression
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Lab 9: pdf, pdf
Lab 9B: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
9.1. docx
9.2. docx
9.3. docx
Unit 10: Non-parametric tests
permutational ANOVA, rank-sum tests, tests and effect size statistics for binomial data
10.1. Permutational tests
10.2. Classic rank sum tests
10.3 Tests for proportions 
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Lab 10: pdf, pdf
Lab 10B: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
10.1. docx
10.2. docx
10.3. docx



Course project support

If you take this course for credit, these materials will help you with your course project

Topic Material
Instructions & guidelines
For planning, designing, making, submitting, reviewing and revisiong your course project

     Syllabus:    pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/rr480/syllabus)
     Guidelines: pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/rr480/guidelines)
     Review:      pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/rr480/reviews)
     Revisions:  pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/rr480/revisions)

Project support videos & tutorials:
Videos and tutorials that may help you with your course project. Those may not be useful for everyone and are not part of the official curriculum
1. Create project website
2. Simulate data for project
3. Obtain climate data
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4. Graphics touch-up
5. QGIS primer
6. GGPlot2 primer.
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Previous course projects & presentations

If you take this course for credit, explore past presentations and past project websites for inspiration

Class of 2023

Project Title
Presentation & Website
2023-01 Kyle Taylor
Do birds care about urban storm pond design?
2023-02 Jonathan Spence
Enhanced Rock Weathering: bolstering crop productivity while capturing carbon from the atmosphere.
2023-03 Iram Afzal
Mitigation of methane emissions from oil sands tailings.
2023-04 Emelie Dykstra & Madison Pusch
How effective are greenhouse gas emission policies in Canada and the world?
2023-05 Andrew Sperling
Does thinning mitigate the expected effects of climate change?
2023-06 Katie Campbell
How are blue-green algae blooms in Alberta impacted by climate change?
2023-07 Kayla De Jong and Rukesh Shrestha
Buzzing with potential: predicting honey bee queen success through genetic background, physical attributes, and behavioral traits.
2023-08 Chengke Han
Higher needle terpenoid concentration found in western white spruce population: possible new considerations for predicting and managing eastern spruce budworm outbreak.
2023-09 Menglei Duan
Characterizing forest structure of transitions between main successional stages.
2023-10 Sydney Bobey
Multi-year plant growth responses to operational glyphosate application in forestry cut blocks across Alberta.
2023-11 Emily Armfelt
Chemical concentrations and aquatic invertebrate abundance: unraveling the urban pond puzzle.
2023-12 Sydney Harvey
Exploring the response of functional trait size of Wolf spiders to edge effects of peatland seismic lines.
2023-13 Alexa MacDonald
Exploring PDO and ENSO influence on climate in the Alberta Rocky Mountains and subsequent impacts on alpine phenology. 
2023-14 Katrina Lingnau and Brendan McCallion
Rising temperatures in Alaska: implications for salmon subsistence harvests.
2023-15 Luis Serrano Diaz
Climate-induced evapotranspiration shifts in the north Saskatchewan river basin: a multiregional analysis.
2023-16 Angelina Kemp, Sienna Vance, and Simone Joosten
Feathers in the firestorm: exploring the link between wildfire pollution and citizen science bird data.
2023-17 Neha Nazar
Coarse woody debris characteristics in post fire and post harvest island remnants.
2023-18 Tingxuan Zhao
Comparing organic and conventional agricultural yields: a meta-analysis study.
2023-19 Andre Truksa
Assessing two-flux FAPAR in Costa Rica: is the cheaper, more efficient alternative viable?
2023-20 Jingwen Sun
Improving wheat (Triticum aestivum) production under heat and drought stresses using biostimulant.

Class of 2022

Project Title
Presentation & Website
2022-01 Cala Jorgensen
Casting light on curious crepusculars: the effects of artificial light at night on nighthawks.
2022-02 Leonard Patterson
Are disjunct arctic-alpine shrub and herb populations on the shorelines of Lake Superior threatened by climate change?
2022-03 Emily Hollik, Natalya Klutz & Maeve Warren
How does ocean temperature and tunicate larvae density impact mussel populations in Prince Edward Island, Canada?
2022-04 Isla Turcke
Exploring reef fish distributions in the Florida Keys Reef Tract to inform site selection for coral reef restoration.
2022-05 Abhijeet Pathy
Production of algal oil depends on biomass properties and production conditions.
2022-06 Leonardo Viliani
Can forest harvesting prevent from actively restoring seismic lines?
2022-07 Georgia Boston, Isabella Orellana & Heather Higgins
How is climate change affecting salmon productivity?
2022-08 Henian Guo
Methanogenic biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in oil sand tailing ponds.
2022-09 Olivia DeBourcier
Building ponds to be polluted: ​the variability of water chemistry in urban ponds.
2022-10 Tiantian Tao
Does climate change really affect forest fires in Canada?
2022-11 Sarah Namiiro
Comparing Africa's regional climate trends.
2022-12 Evan Grant
Looking at Australian freight activity and its relationship to whales.
2022-13 Emmily MacDonald
Phosphogypsum stack reclamation: assessing the vitality and root restrictions of vegetation. 
2022-14 Gaosen Wang
Responses of mycorrhizal plant to enhanced non-segregated tailings (ENST)-amended soil.
2022-15 Cordelius Lasse-Hultberg
How does beta diversity of aquatic invertebrates affect abundance of trout?
2022-16 Angie Tamara Guevara
Habitat use of urban wildlife species in on-leash and off-leash parks.
2022-17 Yuanying Zhai
Oat fractionation by milling and air classification.
2022-18 Benjamin Panes
Multi-year tree growth responses to climate moisture index defined drought events in Canada.
2022-19 Samantha Sech & Emma-Lee Beck
Indicators of mycorrhizal association symbioses.
2022-20 Alexandra Harland
Is virtual fencing technology at your fingertips?
2022-21 Oscar Baron-Ruiz
What is driving water availability in a world heritage site: Climate, land cover or both? – A 40-year analysis.
2022-22 Ateeq Shah
Improving drought resistance in lodgepole pine in the face of climate change.
2022-23 Roya Faramarzi
Assessment of soil carbon and nitrogen in different soil layers under soil management practices and properties.

Class of 2021

Project Title
Presentation & Website
Mika Little-Devito
How do peat extraction activities influence nutrient leaching potential?
Ming Cao
How does wildfire affect dissolved organic carbon?
Anabel Dombro
Monitoring the dry mixedgrass prairie following applications of indaziflam for invasive annual bromegrass control.
Nicolas Perrault
Hydraulic Redistribution of Arsenic by Salix nigra.
Sophia Rubinstein
How will climate change affect  white spruce productivity in Alberta?
Victoria Colyn, Nicki Berg
The influence of northern peatland hydrology on fire severity and management.
Nathan Bourque, Dakota Sullivan, Bianca Unrau
Oak Forests and Avian Preference Under Mistletoe.
Ferf Brownoff
Does the cooling effect of Lake Superior impact forest structure?
Adam Fast
Do enhanced efficiency fertilizers improve Canadian western red spring wheat yield and protein?
Annakah Stadlwieser, Danyal Boehlke, Leah Crandall, Kristen Schafer
Coral mortality & settlment: what factors are acting as major stressors for coral?
Jacey Toerper
How cold can you go? Ultra – early seeding of CWRS wheat in cold soils.
Megan Sorenson
The arthropod weather man: how does climate affect insects?
Lauren Birch, Connor Johnson, Brandon Szeto
The Effect of snow and spring melt in oil sands regions on fathead minnow survival.
Bolutito Adedoyin
Identifying drought resistant provenances/genotypes.
Lucas Wessner, Matthew Cunningham
How changing hydrological cycles are impacting Jasper's black swift populations.
Christine Duke
Exploring drivers of avian diversity across disturbance regimes.
Federico Antonioli
Effect of mountain pine beetle symbiotic fungi on lodgepole pine tree chemical defenses.
Yexin Han
Effects of oil sands tailing water and hypoxic environment on reclamation plants.
Emma Glinny, Megan Lecky, Jessica Livingston
Rare plants in the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve.
Joana Canada Cardellach
Climate change in Spain: climatic data from 1900 until 2020 for low and high elevation areas.

Class of 2020

Project Title
Presentation & Website
Jonathan Farr
Citizen science for human-coyote coexistence in Edmonton.
Danika Wack
Caribou Management: A study on the effectiveness of different Caribou conservation measures.
Ronena Wolach
Breeding season habitat selection of ferruginous hawks
Cassandra Jordan, Jenna Hlewka, Taylor Thomeus
Effectiveness of wildlife deterrents near roads and railways.
Mariah Casmey
Budburst in white spruce.
Emilia Housch, Anthony Moir, Ashley Seib
How is wolf predation affected by the presence and type of cutline?.
Kaegan Finn, Rose Murawsky, Aidan Sheppard
How do climate change and angling pressure affect the fitness and abundance of walleye in Canada?
Brittany Hynes
Understory redevelopment on oil sands reclamation sites.
Zachary Antoniw, Marie-Eve Bedard, Veronique Caron
Managing white nose syndrome: an urgent threat to Canadian bats.
Kathryn Levesque
Are climate envelopes shifting?
Kailee Goertzen, Zena Leclercq, Rachelle Renaud
Quenching the thirst for indigenous rights to clean water.
Emma Kary, Megan Ciocchetto, Christopher Chan, Leah Feng
How is Climate Change Altering Alberta's Moisture Regime?
Yinghang Li
Vegetation diversity across different land use types.
Tara Androschuk
Seed production of spruce trees in British Columbia
Jared Randall, Kim Aasgard, Elyssa Rosadiuk
Who’s bleaching my corals? Coral bleaching response to ocean temperatures.
Keyue Gong
Greenhouse Gas Emissions: What is the trend and what may be the causations in past 50 years?

Class of 2018

Project Title
Presentation & Website
Rebecca Baldock
Does clear-cut harvesting influence the concentration and aromaticity of dissolved organic carbon within the Old Man River watershed?
Kelly Mulligan
Should I stay, or should I go? Shifts in East Kootenay elk migration patterns.
Alex Kaulen
Reality vs prediciton: the limits of biomass equation for small diameter trees.
Ashley Hillman
Lichen regeneration after forest fire: identifying woodland cariboo foraging habitat.
Presentation, Website
Joe Silva
Lichen regeneration after forest fire: identifying woodland cariboo foraging habitat.
Presentation, Website
Graeme Nordell
Boreal invasion: migration of non-native plant species under cumulative disturbances.
Jenny Hall
Unpaved forestry road erosion in western Canada.
Kira Dlusskaya
Which greenhouse gas reduction practices are farmers willing to adopt?
Laura Bony
Salt affected soils: quantifying impacts to develop scientifically based remediation criteria for Alberta.
Presentation, Website
Nick Brown
Hitting a wall: the effect of amendments on root growth in lean oil sands.
Presentation, Website
Ryan Lalonde
Growing woody plants in oil sands tailings
Sophie LeBlanc
Early forest development and vegetation colonization: the role of microtopography in reclamation sites.
Sunit Bhanot
How less visible aspects of hydrological processes affect us.
Presentation, Website
Vinicius Goncalves
Tree growth in response to climate variables in Argentina?

Class of 2017

Project Title Presentation & Website
Emily Cicon
Can grizzly bears act as a surrogate species for songbirds?
Presentation, Website
Gulshat Cherniyazova
Possible change to snow cover areas of Kazakhstan.
Presentation, Website
Hajo Spaethe
Interpretive and preventive timber conservation treatments at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Alberta.
Jillian Cameron
Does variation in lunar illumination alter anuran acoustic detectability?
Jinhan Xie
How does fire suppression efforts influence our forests?
Kate Bezooyen
Are FireSmart treatments really so smart?.
Presentation, Website
Laura Garland
Where the deer and the predators roam: an investigation of predator-prey temporal spacing in Alberta's northeastern boreal forests.
Lauren Sinclair
Do white spruce seedlings show physiological adaptations to drought?
Logan Purdy
Optimizing remotely sensed land surface phenology with leafing and flowering records from a citizen science observation network.
Nadele Flynn
Can we identify areas of Yukon’s arctic that are vulnerable to climate change?
Raiany Silva
Crossings disturbed by OHV use in wet and riparian areas: planting cuttings as a restoration method.
Sara Venskaitis
South Bison Hills Reclamation: Does Depth of Topsoil Affect Forest Reclamation Success?
Ugbaad Kosar
To plant or not to plant: guiding reforestation strategies of lodgepole pine in Europe.
Zihaohan Sang
Does the origin of seeds affect white spruce growth in response to climate?

Class of 2016

Project Title Presentation & Website
Adam Mathison
Hitchhiker Planting: evaluation of mixed-species container stock in field conditions.
Adewumi Adeyefa
Growth and development of mixedwood stands of aspen and spruce.
Presentation, Website
Ashley Hart
The role of aspen root systems in water redistribution .
Caitlin Willier
A road runs through it: changes in plant community composition in forested wetlands.
Caroline Martin
Breeding bird responses to linear disturbance features in the grasslands of southeastern Alberta.
Presentation, Website
Fuai Wang
Effects of different types and concentrations of monoterpenes on mountain pine beetle symbiotic fungi.
Jackson Beck
Is constitutive chemical defense important for Lodgepole pine survival?
Presentation, Website
Jennifer Li
Provenance Testing in Europe: height models and comparison to predicted growth trends.
Jill Sekely
Protection needs analysis for native tree populations of Alberta.
Presentation, Website
Jorge Grock
Are biopolymers more efficient than synthetic polymers for consolidation and dewatering of oil sand tailings?
Presentation, Website
Katie Burd
Wildfire and permafrost thaw effects on aquatic carbon cycling.
Presentation, Website
Kensy Balch
Do environmental policies actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions over time?
Michelle Knaggs
Birds in burns and bogs: How does fire severity influence bird assemblages in the boreal forest?
Presentation, Website
Shauna Stack
The Effects of subsoil, coversoil and planting density techniques on the establishment of planted vegetation.
Presentation, Website
Trevor De Zeeuw
Implication of microtopography on seedling growth at reclamation sites.

Class of 2015

Project Title Presentation & Website
Altaf Hussain
Poor growing conditions and vulnerability of jack pine to mountain pine beetle attacks.
Chengtao Yan
N2O emission from agriculture: does no-tillage matter?
Presentation, Website
Ellen Whitman
Burn severity and stand age in the western boreal forest.
Presentation, Website
Emmi Lehtinen
Natural regeneration of white spruce (Picea glauca) in Peace River.
Presentation, Website
Hangfei Ge
Natural regeneration in a degraded peatland: implications for forest restoration
Kevin Hawkshaw
Does timing of reproduction and seasonal prey abundance affect nestling survival in arctic Peregrine Falcons?
Liam Hefferman
How does above-ground functional diversity affect below-ground functional diversity?
Matt Robinson
Does Timber Retention Influence Terrestrial Habitat Use by Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus)?
Sanat Kanekar
Snaring beetles: stopping them in their tracks.
Presentation, Website
Sarah McPike
Attempts to enhance the success of a native parasitoid to control ash leaf-cone roller.
Sebastian Dietrich
Improving capping materials for upland oil sands mine reclamation.
Presentation, Website
Shiyang Zhao
Natural lodgepole pine residuals after mountain pine beetle outbreaks in Alberta .
Waqas Noor
Does climate change influences the vulnerability of aspen?
Zac Macdonald
Using lake islands as natural models to measure the utilization of habitat fragments by butterflies.
Presentation, Website

Class of 2013

Project Title Presentation & Website
Alam Zeb
Quantitative analysis and ranking the causes of deforestation in Pakistan.
Alicia Kelly
When are cariboo at most risk of death?
Presentation, Website
Amanda St Onge
Invasion of the pea leaf weevil.
Andrew Braid
Don't feed the bears?
Presentation, Website
Asha Wijerathna
Presentation, Website
Brittany Wingert
Presentation, Website
Bryan Maitland
The culvert crisis.
Presentation, Website
Erik Hedlin
The effects of food supplementation on nestling growth and survival in arctic breeding peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus tundrius).
Presentation, Website
Erin Maruca
Protected area status of western North American forest trees and their exposure to climate change.
Evren Hisarli
Presentation, Website
François-Nicolas Robinne
How mesoscal burn probability mapping is affected by landscape fragmentation.
Presentation, Website
Hosen Alam
Above-ground carbon stock in Guyana’s mangrove forest.
Ivan Bjelanovic
How much aspen density to prevent weevil attack to white spruce.
Presentation, Website
Jana Bockstette
Reforestation of poor mine spoils.
Presentation, Website
Jennine Pedersen
Climate change vulnerabilities and the success of assisted migrations to northern climates.
Presentation, Website
Kyle Kipps
Agriculture on gray luvisol soil, can it continue under climate change?
Presentation, Website
Leah Girhiny
Presentation, Website
Lynn Gowman
Large-scale climatic patterns and area burned by wildfire in Canada.
Presentation, Website
Maria Herva
Development of Finnish paper and pulp industry in years 1995-2008 and the accuracy of Verdoorn’s law.
Presentation, Website
Michelle Speta
Hyperspectral imaging for the estimation of bitumen content in oil sands core.
Presentation, Website
Oleg Melnik
Heat content and combustion of live fuels.
Presentation, Website
Quinn Barber
The velocity of climate change.
Sarah Booth
Documenting the media’s coverage of climate change in the Americas.
Shuai Ding
Does good malting barley make good feed barley for ruminants?
Presentation, Website
Spencer Taft
Geographic variation in jack pine (Pinus banksiana) chemistry and its effect on mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) pheromone production and aggregation.
Presentation, Website
Weijuan Huang
Is increased plasma n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid associated with improved insulin sensitivity in type-2 diabetes?
Presentation, Website
Will Barnes
What drives productivity in coarse textured soils of the Athabasca oil sands region?
Presentation, Website
William Lebans
Does relocation of Alberta's grizzly bears work?
Presentation, Website

Class of 2012

Project Title Presentation & Website
Rodrigo Campos
Pine cones: keeping seeds from roasting.
Charlie McLellan
Can prescribed fire rescue Banff’s declining grizzly bear population?
Carrie Nugent
Can LIDAR help us help grizzly bears? Using LIDAR to measure open-route densities in core and secondary Range.
Presentation, Website
Sonya Odsen
Boreal bird recovery from variable retention harvest.
Katrina Adams
What drives the distribution of an invasive algae species in the Yukon?
Michelle Fraser
Evaluating the performance of MCF fungicide in the control of blackleg (Leptosphaeria maculans) in canola
Presentation, Website
Ronald Nyandoro
Mitigation of sudden death syndrome (Fusarium sp.) of soybeans (Glycine max) in southern Alberta through fungicides and varietal resistance strategies.
Presentation, Website
Mark Howell
Substrate suitability for reclamation in the Athabasca oil sands region.
Presentation, Website
Cassidy van Rensen
An expanding grid of linear disturbance: key factors for restoring seismic lines.
Guangyu Liu
Targeted cisplatin delivery for non-small cell lung cancer treatment.
Guncha Ishankulieva
Does the host tree species, lodgepole pine and jack pine, influence the attraction of mountain pine beetle?
Presentation, Website
Devon Barnes
Sprinkler efficacy trials: water distribution and fuel moisture absorption capacity.
Jamal Taghavimehr
Does tillage reversal decrease CO2 emissions from the soil?
Jesse Watson
Home range size and productivity of breeding ferruginous hawks.
Nicola Bakker
Fire, Retention and Regeneration (... and blackflies).
Presentation, Website
Miriam Isaac-Renton
Where should Europe get its Douglas-fir seeds from?
Jeannine Goehing
Hybrid poplar responses to alternative establishment systems.
Presentation, Website
Kate Melnik
Can slope exposure and coarse woody debris placement assist in understory seedling establishment and increase variability in plant communities on reclaimed sites?
Tracy Amanda
Introduction to agroforestry and tree-based intercropping.
Presentation, Website
Katharina Liepe
How frost hardy will populations of lodgepole pine and interior spruce be under a changing climate?
Presentation, Website

Class of 2010

Project Title Presentation & Website
Courtney Felton
Can pedometers detect estrus is tie-stall dairy cows?
Said Darras
Improving field-pea production using genotypic mixtures.
Kirk Johnson
Encouraging tree intimacy: an alternative method to regenerate boreal mixedwoods.
Sean Coogan
Getting to the root of the matter: grizzly bears and alpine sweetvetch.
Arezoo Amini
How do soil depth and plant community affect Festuca growth in rebuilt native grassland?
Yun Qi Sun
Could wheat DDGS be a substitute of barley grain for early lactation cows?
Presentation, Website
Nicholas Arkell
Bio-densification of oil sand tailings.
Presentation, Website
Kelly Kneteman
Plant-assisted remediation of nitrogen fertilizer contaminated soil and groundwater at an industrial plant site.
Presentation, Website
Yannick Neveux
Exploring management strategies for woodland caribou in the Yukon in the face of increasing development pressures and climate change.
Presentation, Website
Jillian Martin
How good are we at recreating soil processes: a comparison of wildfire to land reclamation.
Presentation, Website
Hyejin Hwang
Study on the relationship between leaf weight and crown conditions for loblolly pine (Pinus teada) in Ft. Benning in Georgia, US.
Janet Ariss
The mountain pine beetle: allies and enemies.
Presentation, Website
Andre Christensen
Reclamation of phosphogypsum stacks: the influence of soil capping depth and plant species on moisture dynamics.
Owen Watkins
Viability of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the North Saskatchewan River, Alberta.
Jarred Looft
How many ugly ducklings are there?
Presentation, Website

Class of 2009

Project Title Presentation & Website
Najar Ahmed
Do Symbiotic Alders Grow Better than Non Symbiotic ones even in Harsh Conditions?
Presentation, Website
Amy Gainer
Does irrigating willow with wastewater increase soil salinity?
Aria Hahn
Life After Oil: Microbial Communities in the Athabasca Oil-sands
Presentation, Website
Candace Serben
Did adaptive growth change tree sway patterns 10 years after thinning?
Chen (Klaus) Ding
Aspen budset phenology inferred from provenance trials and climate data
Presentation, Website
Christina Williams
Nitrogen Fixation in Cool Season Pulse Crops - Moving the Prairies Toward a More Sustainable Agricultural System
Presentation, Website
Cory Kartz
Does Entering a VBNC State Affect the Transport of E.coli O157:H7 in Soil and Groundwater?
Presentation, Website
Xu Feng
Leaf movement of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) alleviate stress under different light and water conditions
Fran Ferster
Do transgenic tobacco plants inoculated with P. indica have increased biomass and hydraulic conductance under drought conditions?
Presentation, Website
Gabriela Luna-Wolter
Does woody debris affect soil properties and vegetation in oil sands areas?
Presentation, Website
Ghulam Murtaza
Can protective clothing minimize the risk of burn injury in humans exposed to fire?
Hailong He
How to protect the black soil from water erosion in Northeast China?
Presentation, Website
Jianfeng Liu
Evaluate yield losses of commercial pea cultivars due to downy mildew of pea (Peronospora viciae f. sp. pisi)
Marija Chechina
What Triggers Mass Flowering of Dipterocarp Forests in Southeast Asia?
Mohammad Mezbahuddin
Does scarcity of assets affect individual migration decisions?
Nnenna Onwuchekwa
The potential of ectomycorrhizal fungi in restoration of disturbed lands
Quiang Xiao
Do bait crops reduce the clubroot symptom severity of canola?
Kapilan Ranganathan
What is an efficient inhibitor of fermentation of Palmyrah sap?
Manjila Rahman Shahid
The influence of fabric thickness and mass on moisture absorbency
Tyrel Hemsley
Is athmospheric nitrogen deposition occuring in the Athabasca oil sands region on reclaimed landscapes?
Presentation, Website
Wenquing Zhang
Identification and Classification of Prickly Ash

Class of 2008

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Does Increased Inclusion of Dietary Starch Improve Reproductive Performance in Post Partum Dairy Cows?
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Candace Nemirsky
What is the impact of distance to pipeline construction on tiny cryptanthe (Cryptantha minima) and slender mouse ear cress (Halimolobos virgata) habitat?
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Claudia Lopez
Animal Response to landscape disturbance and the implication of animal displacement
Derek Rennie
Significance of Plasmodiophora brassicae infestation in seedlots
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Devin Goodsman
Does fertilization or thinning influence lodgepole pine’s ability to defend itself against Grosmannia clavigera?
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Wildfire and salvage logging change benthic macroinvertebrate communities and food webs in oligotrophic headwater streams
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Haitao Li
Aspen’s Budburst Inferred from Climate Data
Janet Scott
Can we see signs of water quality improvement when we keep cattle away from a stream?
Kim Ives
Is Education Having an Effect on University Student’s Attitudes?
Kyle Lochhead
How do Commercial Trees Grow Under Different Retention Rx’s?
Lance Steinke
Enhancing Best Management Practices with Measures of Restoration Success in Jasper National Park, Alberta
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Laura MacPherson
Do Road/Stream Crossing Structures Fragment Stream Fish Populations?
Marie-Claude Roy
What Factors Influence Created and Natural Wetlands Vegetation Biomass and Species Diversity?
Paul Clyburn
Assessing the effectiveness of Acetic Acid and Lactic Acids as chemical washes to prevent bacterial contamination during food processing
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Seung-Il Lee
Influence of patch size and decay class on saproxylic beetles
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Shari Clare
Unintended outcomes? The impact of public policy on wetlands and biodiversity in Alberta
Selecting an Appropriate Hybrid Poplar Clone: A Guide to the Future of Forestry
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Stefan Schreiber
Hybrid poplars under stress: how does drought impact growth performance?
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