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REN R 690 - Multivariate Statistics and Machine Learning for the Environmental Sciences

Permanent link: http://tinyurl.com/mv690

Course instructor: Dr. Andreas Hamann, GSB 733, 492-6429, andreas.hamann@ualberta.ca.

Location & Time: Winter Terms, GSB 866, Wednesdays 9am to 12pm, extra labs & meetings TBA.

Online version: This course is the online equivalent of course REN R 960, tought at the University of Alberta. If you want to "audit" the class, or could not enroll because the class was full, you may use the self-study material below. Covers methods for visualization, analysis and prediction for complex biological or environmental data. Includes classical and modern approaches to ordination and classification, analysis of multivariate relationships, and the application of deep neural networks and other machine learning tools for prediction. Participants engage in problem-based learning by analyzing data from their thesis research project.

Registered students: If you take REN R 690 for credit, then log into the University of Alberta eClass section for this course instead: http://tinyurl.com/mv690/eclass

On-line self-study material

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Topic Videos Labs & Data
Course introduction
Introduction, target audience, course objectives
Course introduction
Syllabus: pdf  
Unit 1: Introduction to R and R Studio
1.1. Intro to R
1.2. Working efficiently
1.3. Importing data
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Lab 1: pdf, pdf
RStudio option:
Lab 1B: pdf, pdf

R Cheat
Sheet: pdf
Unit 2. Rotation fundamentals:
Rotation of datasets with matrix algebra, principal component analysis (PCA)
2.1. PCA rotation
2.2. PCA principles
2.3. PCA interpretation
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Lab 2: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
2.1. docx
2.2. docx
Unit 3. Complexity reduction, graphics:
Factor analysis, multivariate graphics in R.
3.1. Factor analysis
3.2. Graphical tools
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Lab 2B: pdf, pdf
Lab 3A: pdf, pdf
Lab 3B: pdf, pdf
Lab 3C: pdf, pdf
Unit 4. Predetermined groups:
Linear discriminant analysis (LDA), Canonical discriminant analysis (CANDISC), Mutlivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)
4.1. Discriminant Analysis
4.2. Assumptions
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Lab 4: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
4.1. docx
4.2. docx
Unit 5. Distance fundamentals:
Introduction to distance-based techniques, distance-based ordination (NMDS, PCoA, PO), agglomerative and divisive clustering (e.g., Ward, k-means)
5.1. Distance metrics
5.2. NMDS, PCoA, PO
5.3. Cluster analysis
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Lab 5: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
5.1. docx
5.2. docx
5.3. docx
Unit 6. Inferential statistics:
Multivariate response permutation procedure (MRPP), distance-based permmutational multivariate analysis of variance (perMANOVA)
6.1. Inferential principles
6.2. MRPP, perMANOVA
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Lab 6: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
6.1. docx
6.2. docx

Unit 7. Direct/indirect gradient analysis:
Second set of vectors on ordinations (e.g., on PCA, NMDS, PCoA), Canonical correlation analysis (CANCOR), Canonical correspondence analysis (CCA)
7.1. Gradent analysis
7.2. CanCor, CCA examples
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Lab 7: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
7.1. docx
Unit 8. Prediction, machine learning:
Classification and Regression Trees (CART), Multivariate Regression Trees (MRT), RandomForest (RF)
8.1. CART, MRT
8.2. CART & MRT examples
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Lab 8: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
8.1. docx
Unit 9. Deep Neural Networks:
Fundamentals and applications of deep neural networks (DNN) in the environmental sciences
9.1. DNNs explained
9.2. Tensorflow Install
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Lab 9: pdf, pdf

Lecture notes:
9.1. docx



Course project support

If you take this course for credit, these materials will help you with your course project

Topic Material
Instructions & guidelines
For planning, designing, making, submitting, reviewing and revisiong your course project

     Syllabus:    pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/mv690/syllabus)
     Guidelines: pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/mv690/guidelines)
     Review:      pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/mv690/reviews)
     Revisions:  pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/mv690/revisions)
     Seminars:  pdf   (also available at http://tinyurl.com/mv690/seminars)

Project support videos & tutorials:
Videos and tutorials that may help you with your course project. Those may not be useful for everyone and are not part of the official curriculum
1. Create project website
2. Simulate data for project
3. Obtain climate data
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4. Graphics touch-up
5. QGIS primer
6. GGPlot2 primer.
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Student-led seminars

An archive of useful additional methods worked out by course participants

Seminar Title Materials
Distance-based redundancy analysis
Mariah Casmey: Variance partitioning and commonality analysis.
Zihaohan Sang: Heat maps
Anabel Dombro: Indicator species analysis
Sarah Namiiro: Terra GIS in R - An Introduction
Benjamin Panes: Terra GIS in R - Advanced examples
Brittany Hynes & Mika Little-Devito: InkScape tutorial
Dante Castellanos-Acuna: QGIS tutorial
Kasia Staniszewska: Image processing with ImageJ
Benoit Gendreau-Berthiaume: Spatial analysis with PCNM
Vinicius Manvailer: Dendroclimatic response function analysis
Yuanyuan Xia and Amir Mahdi Latifi: Interpolation with kriging

Previous course projects & presentations

If you take this course for credit, explore past presentations and past project websites for inspiration

Class of 2024

Project Title Presentation & Website
Gabrielle Hatten 
Land-water connectivity drives northern lake chemistry
Jonathan Tales  
Can forest remnants moderate microclimate? Implications for forest management and climate change adaptation
Colleen Dawson 
Catchment to crustacean: ​How changes to alpine landscapes are shifting freshwater plankton communities
Kasha Kempton 
Trophic gradient drives methane emissions: Implications for greenhouse gas modelling in northern 
Fares Mandour 
What impact does seasonality have on mercury export in northern streams?  
Tianqi Zhao 
Preparing Cities for Climate Change: Develop and validate climate change vulnerability index - A pilot study in Edmonton
Genevieve Dorrell 
Modeling ecosystem migration across North America in the era of climate change
Renz Layugan 
The highly dynamic cyanobacterial blooms across space and time: Implications on its management in central Alberta
Chengke Han 
Different influential factors of needle terpene defense are found in long and short distance assisted migration white spruces: the decisions of assisted migration to be considered according to different criteria
Sydney Bobey
Plant community response to operational glyphosate application
Andre Truksa 
Assessing reliability of lidar SLAM data in Costa Rica 
Xinran Hu 
Geospatial lodgepole pine site index modelling from climate parameters in Alberta 
Menglei Duan 
Classify liana-infested canopies using UAV-based Remote Sensing techniques 
Hongzhi Zhang 
Transcriptome responses of different insects to unfavorable environmental conditions: What makes diapause so special?  
Riley Zheng 
Evaluation of success of vegetation restoration on solar farm: make green energy more greener 
Zhenting Liu   
Exploring the relationship between climate variable with severity of fire in Alberta
Leah Crandall 
The role of fungal and host stress volatiles in the attraction of low-density mountain pine beetle populations

Class of 2023

Project Title Presentation & Website
Julia Briand
The future of coral reef functions: predicting effective restoration at a global scale.
Benjamin Panes
Tree resilience to drought events.
Caitlin Hall
Ecological community structure within a nearshore trawling exclusion zone.
Sarah Namiiro
Prediction of future climate: performance of 23 general circulation models in Africa.
Jessica Lagroix
Do beaver ponds increase toxic mercury in northern waters?
Kate Rutherford
Urban biodiversity: Using camera traps to measure mammal diversity in a northern city.
Hailey Cole
Vegetation recovery on well pads: does time heal all wounds?
Oscar Javier Baron Ruiz
Hotspots of biodiversity in Edmonton.
Anna Jacobsen
High-elevation bird response to shrub dominance.
Sejer Meyhoff
Are domestic cattle exposing naïve bird species to nest parasitism by brown-headed cowbirds?
Haolin Wei
Variation of foliar defensive compounds (terpene) and fungal endophytes abundance among different locations in mature white spruce trees.
Milene Wiebe
Crabby controls or happy trapping: ​optimizing the trapping of European Green crabs (Carcinus maenas).
Tianhan Chen
High-latitude lake algae and climate: trophic interactions under climate change.
Paulo Dias
Estimation groups using clustering.
Harshil Kansara
Edmonton property assessment: how will the prices fluctuate in coming years? 
Ian Gazeley
Predicting mineral lick locations from animal movement data.
Angie Tamara Guevara
Water quality trends and drivers in the North Saskatchewan River watershed.

Class of 2022

Project Title Presentation & Website
Mika Little-Devito
Peat extraction activities: are nutrients leached off site?
Rachel Pizante
The effects of field margin vegetation and canola bloom on hover flies communities
Marcel Schneider
Vascular plant species responses to island remnants
Renae Shewan
Tracing landscape sources of mercury in permafrost peatland catchments.
Brittany Hynes
Evaluating outplanting success of nursery-grown shrub seedlings on boreal reclamation sites
Nora Alsafi
How is permafrost thaw changing winter carbon dynamics in subarctic streams?
Elena Schaefer
Teamwork makes the dreamwork: how do mycorrhizal fungi influence carbon flow from tree roots to soils?
Bolutito Adedoyin
Assisted migration of genotypes to maintain forest health under climate change
Brandon Hill
Industry adjacent rivers: a look at contaminant mobilization and transport in northeastern Alberta
Rosanise Odell
Tree mortality in forest remnants.
Lance Moore
Coarse woody debris dynamics in forest remnants
Rashaduz Zaman
Fungal symbionts of mountain pine beetles differentially alter host tree defense metabolites depending on the fungal species and isolates
Jillian Lightbown
Can microorganisms be used as bioindicators of water quality?
Connor Bax
Full-Waveform LiDAR as a predictor of secondary forest structure
Ronny Hernandez Mora
Assesing uncertainties related to satellite remote sensing indices to estimate gross primary production
Ana Bermudez
Does climate deviation can predict if restoration of terrestrial ecosystems will be successful?
Yanzhuo Liu
Effect of combined drought and bark beetle attacks to non-structural carbohydrates of pine tree organs

Class of 2021

Project Title
Presentation & Website
Hayley Drapeau
Glacial influence on freshwater carbon cycling in the Canadian Rockies.
Patrick White
Are glaciers influencing phytoplankton community composition in the Canadian arctic?
Mariah Casmey
What drives spring phenology in different species?
Kasia Staniszewska
The utility of sondes as proxies for water chemistry across the Alberta oil sands region rivers.
Anabel Dombro
How does plant community composition respond to season and duration of access mats used to mitigate the effects of construction traffic on the Dry Mixed Grass Prairie?
Erin Daly
Rethinking Modern Agriculture: Can novel perennial grain cropping systems mitigate agricultural N2O emissions?
Amir Mahdi Latifi
Does collocated cokriging improve the quality of spatial estimation?
Arianne Forbes
Spatial pattern analysis of wildfire exposed areas surrounding forested communities in Alberta.
Gigi Baker
The missing link between anatomical and chemical defences of lodgepole pine.
Kiah Leicht
Can environmentally smart nitrogen fertilizer increase crop yields in southern Alberta?
Presentation, Website
Rebecca Frei
How does peatland disturbance affect water quality?
Xinyi Duan
Selective enhancement of beneficial soil microbes improve plant health.
Yinlong Huang
Where did the snow go?
Yuanyuan Xia
Geochemistry of the Mackenzie Mountains of the North West Territories
Zachary Davis
The North is changing: How can we best protect biodiversity, if the nature of what we are protecting is unclear?

Class of 2019

Project Title Presentation & Website
Joseph Cooper
What influences tree distribution in a unique old-growth forest?
Patrick Williams
Geochemical characterization of glacial meltwater runoff from the Greenland ice sheet to the ocean
Ashley Hynes
Which climatic variables limit growth of white spruce and lodgepole pine across North America?
Kyle Stratechuk
Stockpiling impacts on topsoil physical properties
Presentation, Website
Sebastian Theis
Food-dependednt development of behavioural responses in least killifish (Heterandria formosa)
Christopher Schulze
How do permafrost thaw and resulting thermokarst development influence soil respiration from a subarctic peatland complex?
Cole Gross
Can applying organic additives or planting trees improve soil quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural activities?
Jared Fath
Road effects in the Simonette watershed, west-central Alberta
Jennifer Buss
Reclamation soil stockpiles: Are these the plant communities we are looking for?
Jonathan Tieu
Hidden in plain sight: predicting biomass in Albertan agroforesty
Julia Orlova
From source to tap: How landscapes control drinking water treatability
Presentation, Website
Kaitlyn Trepanier
Vegetation community dynamics on soil islands in oil sands reclamation
Megan Lewis
How are biocrust lichens affected by grazing and drought in Alberta’s grasslands?
Natasha Klappstein
Circumpolar sea ice drift from a polar bear perspective
Sophie Aasberg
The role of microtopography in vegetation communities in forest restoration sites
Presentation, Website
Sydney Worthy
Does the presence of introduced European honeybees (Apis mellifera) alter native pollinator composition?
Upama KC
Do AMP grazing promotes soil microbial communities in Grassland ecosystem?
Presentation, Website
Vinicius Goncalves
Limits of tree growth in South Amercia

Class of 2018

Project Title
Presentation & Website
Ali Nezamabad
Glacier change by remote sensing
Anna Bishop
Freshwater carbon dynamics in the coastal temperate rainforest
Caitlyn Donadt
Are mercury levels in sport fish from the Red Deer River determined by environmental factors?
Presentation, Website
Cassio Ishii
Protection against flooding: riparian areas
Daniela Gomez
Depression and cognitive deficits in HIV
Eden McPeak
Are the trees improved, or is it their environment?
Emily Cicon
Can grizzly bears act as a surrogate species for songbirds?
Evan Fellrath
Fungi to the rescue: Can poor seedling performance in beetle-killed pine stands be improved with tailored soil inoculum?
Jessica Grenke
'AMP-ing' up diversity: High intensity grazing impacts on plant diversity and species assemblage
Presentation, Website
Jessica Hudson
The effect of green alder (Alnus viridis) and fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium) hitchhiker seedlings on the community composition during initial seedling establishment
Melanie de Kappelle
Reaching new heights: Are the chemical signatures of lodgepole pine trees occurring in higher latitudes different than those of conspecifics in lower systems?
Morganne Wall
Looking at the causes of dispersal in a migratory protected owl
Presentation, Website
Nadele Flynn
Are we there yet? Temporal and spatial scale of climate change refugia - a Yukon case study
Sisi Lin
Can the Manure Injection Timings and Nitrification Inhibitors reduce Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions?
Presentation, Website
Stephanie Jean
How are our forests regenerating after the Fort McMurray fire?
Zihaohan Sang
Modeling the distribution of white spruce (Picea glauca)

Class of 2017

Project Title Presentation & Website
Alexander Mertens
Controls on lake chemistry across the western boreal forest
Andrew Forgie
Phytochemicals found in pea seed coats alter microbial community structure and improve intestinal integrity
Benjamin Bourrie
Traditional and commercial kefir differ in their ability to impact a mouse model of diet induced obesity
Presentation, Website
Branco Hilje
How does forest structural heterogeneity affect the acoustic community in successional tropical dry forests?
Caroline Martin
Breeding songbird community responses to powerline construction in the grasslands of southeastern Alberta
Presentation, Website
Deanna Pepin
Microbial modifying properties of iodinated water in animal production
Presentation, Website
Fuai Wang
Will the fungal associate of pine engraver be the terminator for mountain pine beetles?
Jackson Beck
The role of soil fungi in the regeneration of disturbed forest stands
Jean Rodriguez
Short-term changes in ground cover and understory composition following disturbance events
Julie Steinke
Is understory vegetation resistant to mountain pine beetle attacks in lodgepole pine forests in western Alberta?
Karling Roberts
Characterizing the fish communities of natural and compensation lakes
Presentation, Website
McKenzie Kuhn
What influences carbon concentrations in polar ponds?
Michael Terry
River ecology vs man: a battle on the North Saskatchewan
Michelle Knaggs
Birds in burns and bogs: How does fire severity influence bird assemblages in the boreal forest?
Natalie Sanchez
Beak morphology predicts vocal features in songbirds: understanding bird sensitivity to chronic industrial noise
Natalie Scott
Impact of Disturbance on Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Recovery in a Boreal Forest Ecosystem
Presentation, Website
Sarah Tacker
Looking below: climate change and microbial communities in the rhizosphere of boreal forest soils
Sydne Guevara
Effect of soil nutrients in mountain pine beetle success

Class of 2015

Project Title Presentation & Website
Ashton Sturm
Cleptoparasites as indicator species for native bee community assemblages
Presentation, Website
Caren Jones
Development and migration of understory vegetation communities in upland boreal forest reclamation
Presentation, Website
Cass Docherty
Invasion of Prussian Carp (Carassius gibelio) in Western North America
Dante Castellanos
How is climate change going to affect the ecoregions of Mexico and South America?
Elizabeth Hoffman
Temporal and spatial development of vegetation community patterns on reclaimed mine sites using salvaged forest floor material
Presentation, Website
Erik Hedlin
Weather, Food, and the Survival of Peregrine Falcon Nestlings in the Canadian Arctic
Felipe Alencastro
Phenological Analysis of Tropical Dry Forests in Costa Rica
Presentation, Website
Jaime Sebastian
How does climate influence intraspecific differences in White spruce?
Presentation, Website
Jing Chen
How does the tropical forest change?
Kenton Neufeld
Habitat Associations of Milk River Fishes
Presentation, Website
Kim Morrison
Predicting Spring Human Caused Fires in Alberta
Kyle Hamilton
Is #AlbertaRiverHydrology Trending?
Laureen Echiverri
Can we predict understory vegetation using moisture indices and forest structure?
Laurie Frerichs
Assessing Successional Development on 10-year-old Reclaimed Boreal Wellsites
Presentation, Website
Marie Veillard
Do Rocky Mountain Sculpin from four rivers select different habitat?
Monica Kohler
Which species drive differences in wild bee communities across Alberta’s agricultural regions?
Sanat Kanekar
Defense by thousand cuts: effects of Grosmannia clavigera density on monotherpene profile of lodgepole and jack pine
Scott Zolkos
Permafrost thaw: carbon source or sink?
Shiang Zhao
Hiding interaction between plants and mycorrhize under stressful conditions
Simon Bockstette
Out of sight, but not out of mind - Roots in reconstructed soils
Presentation, Website
Yaqian Long
Hyperspectral Band Selection Based On Random Forest

Class of 2014

Project Title
Presentation & Website
Ben Collins
Patterns of Morphology in Hiscobeccus capax
Andrea Morehouse
Carnivores and communities: can landscape variables predict conflict frequency?
Presentation, Website
Patrick Donovan
Will cokriging produce better estimation of mean bitumen saturation
Quinn Barber
The velocity of climate change
Presentation, Website
Bryan Maitland
Stream crossing impacts on freshwater fish and habitat in west-central Alberta: implications for management
Presentation, Website
Jianan Qu
Modelling geochemical distribution using principal component and geostatistical analysis:  a case study from the middle part of China
Presentation, Website
Matthew Gelderman
Can drivers of whitebark pine regeneration inform restoration planning for the species?
Spencer Taft
Geographic variation in jack pine (Pinus banksiana) chemistry and its effect on mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) pheromone production and aggregation
Presentation, Website
Aaron Bell
Does wildfire influence the diversity of carabid beetles on lake islands?
Guncha Ishankulieva
Does mountain pine beetle select its host from nutrition point of view?
Presentation, Website
Cole Mooney
Improving estimate accuracy with the use of legacy Data
Presentation, Website
Eric Daniels
Improving gold recovery estimates with spectral geology
Presentation, Website
Logan McLeod
Rare, or poorly sampled? Monitoring yellow tail in Alberta
Kayla Stan
Predicting urban expansion and ecosystem loss in southern Alberta
Presentation, Website
Mehdi Rezvandehy
Optimum geostatistical modeling for a complicated and thin oil reservoir (Burgan)
Dominica Harrison
Tropical dry forest plant species classification with thermal infrared spectroscopy
Presentation, Website
Felipe Pinto
Explaining the uncertainty by different spatial parameters for a mineral deposit
Presentation, Website
Jeannine Göhing
What does it take to increase hybrid poplar plantation profitability?
Chenyu Jiang
Multiple point statistics study on resolution porphyry deposit
Presentation, Website
Maria Herva
Finding suitable environments for lodgepole pine in Europe
Shanon Hankin
Ectomycorrhizal communtiy recovery in upland boreal forest restoration

Class of 2013

Project Title Presentation & Website
Cassidy Rankine
How might tropical dry forests respond to a changing climate?
Crisia Tabacaru
Fire and mountain pine beetles
Darrin Molinaro
Going the distance: the influence of morphological variation on species duration
David Henkel-Johnson
Assessment of poplar yield losses due to weedy competition
Donnette Thayer
Movement dynamics of lake sturgeon in the South Saskatchewan river
Fuyong Li
Genetic parameters for milk production traits in Dutch dairy cattle
Presentation, Website
Hiroshi Kubota
Does organic agriculture affect soil microbial community composition?
Jared Amos
Does retention harvesting affect pollinator abundance?
Jared Deutsch
Uncertainty in the heavy metal underground of Jura, Switzerland
Jennifer Klutsch
Limber pine regeneration dynamics at the leading edge of white pine blister rust
Katharina Liepe
Growth versus cold hardiness: spatial patterns of phenotypic variation in interior spruce and lodgepole pine
Lori Schroeder
Rare Species in Relict Grasslands: does bison grazing decrease Yukon grassland diversity?
Presentation, Website
Lysandra Pyle
Do divergent management practices effect germinable seed bank composition and legume abundance?
Presentation, Website
Mark Lyseng
Prolonged Ungulate Grazing: will native plant communities return with the exclusion of ungulates?
Presentation, Website
Miriam Isaac-Renton
Where should Europe source its Douglas-fir seeds?
Paul Cigan
Influence of mountain pine beetle outbreak on litter & soil nutrient status in western Alberta, Canada
Presentation, Website
Sonya Odsen
Medium-term responses of boreal birds to variable retention harvest

Class of 2011

Project Title Presentation & Website
James Glasier
Welcome to ants of the sand
Presentation, Website
Ashley Wick
A lesson in how to read an insect's mind
Sean Coogan
Distribution of grizzly bear plant foods in west-central Alberta in response to climate change
Presentation, Website
Babar Javed
Arsenic - The worst mass Poisoning: a deadly puzzle
Janet Ariss
Mountain pine beetle: journey to the east?
Presentation, Website
Hailong He
Locating the soil horizon interface: an alternative to field survey
Presentation, Website
Krista Fink
Do lizards really prefer rocks, soft soils and warm spots?
Presentation, Website
Heather Archibald
Early ecosystem genesis using LFH and peat amendments in the Athabasca oil sands
Presentation, Website
Heather Mosher
Through the eyes of a tree: monitoring the environmental effects of the Athabasca oil sands using spruce needle stable isotopes
Presentation, Website
Ted Chastko
Understanding herbicide influence on weed density
Presentation, Website
Yannick Neveux
Remote sensing or forest inventories?
Presentation, Website
Andre Christensen
Classifying soils that don't exist
Benoit Gendreau-Berthiaume
How do lodgepole pine forest evolve with time?
Presentation, Website

Class of 2010

Project Title Presentation & Website
Amy Gainer
Achieving success with Variable Rate Fertilizers
Ashkan Zarnani
Numerical Weather Prediction Model Uncertainty Analysis
Chen Ding
Can we transfer the Minnesota aspen to Alberta? evaluate aspen autumn phenology with provenance trials and remote sensing data in case of the climate change
Erica Graham
Is Underplanted White Spruce an Ecosystem Engineer?
Evan Esch
Do piles of wood chip residue conserve invertebrate diversity in harvested aspen forests?
Presentation, Website
Hannah Horn
Factors Affecting Habitat Occupancy by the Collared Pika, A Species at the Coal Face of Climate Change
James Rodway
Predicting Human-Related Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Marija Chechina
Cues in mass flowering of Dipterocarpaceae
MC Roy
Creating wetlands in post-mind landscape: the response of vegetation
Presentation, Website
Megan Goudie
Diatoms as a proxy for sea ice conditions in Baffin Bay, Labrador Sea
Sandra Duran
Factors underlying songbird community structure: local versus landscape
Presentation, Website
Stefan Schreiber
Poplar vs. Aspen: Surviving in a changing climate
Presentation, Website
Tisa Bevan
Where the feral horses roam ...
Varina Crisfield
Do alpine hiking trails show evidence of edge effects?
Yaqiong Li
How is the CO2 distribution affected by athmosphere structure and meteorological variables?

Class of 2009

Project Title Presentation & Website
Erin Cameron
Seismic lines and songbirds
Alana Clason
Forest change under stress and disturbance: a case study in Whitebark pine-lichen ecosystems of northwestern B.C.
Michelle Filiatrault
Detecting spruce budworm from SPACE
Haitao Li
Genetic variation in aspen spring phenology
Brenda Shaughnessy
Natural recovery of vegetation on an admixed substrate in the Athabasca oil sands region
Presentation, Website not available
Steven Tannas
Does fertilization, watering and defoliation aid Kentucky bluegrass invasion in fescue grasslands?
Michael Wagner
Hydrologic classification of Alberta's forested regions

Class of 2007

Project Title Presentation & Website
Elisabeth Beaubien
Spring Plant Phenology Data for Alberta: Using a climate change monitor to track nature’s pulse
Francesco Cortini
Satellite data to predict ecosystem productivity and climatic changes
Mae Elsinger
Restoration status of 33 well sites at Rumsey Block in central Alberta, Canada
Presentation, Website not available
Timothy Gylander
Aspen ecological genetics in Alberta
Jaime Pinzon
Ecology of spiders in the boreal forest conserving by emulating natural disturbances
Matthew Pyper
Life on the edge: Temporal responses of ground beetles to edge effects
David Roberts
Way Beyond Cool: Modelling North American Ecosystems to the Last Glacial Maximum
Jeff Suter
Principle component analysis of tree rings
Hongan Yan
Competitive effects of woody and herbaceous vegetation in a young boreal mixed stand

Class of 2006

Project Title Presentation & Website
Matthew Conrod
Spatially estimating suitable boreal old-growth retention areas
Peggy Desserud
Oil and gas reclamation in the Rumsey natural area
Presentation, Website
Laura Gray
What to Grow? Determining species succession to relieve stress on old growth forests in the Philippines
Catherine Lambert-Koizumi
Dall's Sheep, Grizzly Bear and Woolf Spatial Interactions: Preliminary insights from the mighty Richardson Mountains
Jonathan Martin-DeMoor
Spatial patterns of white spruce regeneration following harvest
Michael Mbogga
Climate change in western Canada
Julienne Morissette
Living on the edge: The effects of multiple disturbances on wetland and riparian bird communities
Presentation, Website
Vicki Sahanatien
Polar bear harvest, sea ice and climate