Life On The Edge: Temporal Responses of Ground Beetles to Edge Effects

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Welcome to my website dedicated to communicating information about my Master of Science research. Within this page you will find overviews of my project, as well as detailed information about various components of my research methods. It is very important that you understand the analyses presented on this webpage are preliminary in nature and should not be interpreted as final conclusions. If you have any questions about analyses, project design, or even forest ecology in general please feel free to contact me (

About me: I am a Master of Science candidate in the Depratment of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta. My research focuses on temporal dynamics of edge effects, as well as studying clumped retention applications under sustainable forest management (SFM), both in respect to biodiversity conservation. Please explore the site and feel free to contact me, I am always happy to discuss ideas related to SFM and forest ecology.

Check out my Introduction section to find out why edge effects are so important.

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