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Spatial Information Systems Lab

All current students and staff are housed in the Spatial Information Systems (SIS) lab and can be reached at (780) 492-2540

Jaime Sebastian-Azcona
PhD student, 2015 to
Postdoc, 2019 to present


Climate adaptation of white spruce and lodgepole pine: from phenotypes to genomes.
PhD: Supervisor: Uwe Hacke, co-supervisor: Andreas Hamann
Postdoc: Supervisor: Barb Thomas, co-supervisor: Andreas Hamann

Picture Picture Picture Picture Peer-reviewed journal articles

PicturePhD thesis

Picture FGSR Graduate Scholarship and International Exchange Allowance 2015-2017 ($59K)

Zihaohan Sang
PhD student, 2019 to present
MSc student, 2017 to 2019


PhD: Risk managment in forestry under observed and projected climate change.
MSc: No-analogue ecological communities since the last glacial maximum.
Supervisor: Andreas Hamann

Picture Picture Peer-reviewed journal articles

PictureMSc thesis

Picture TRANSFOR-M international dual degree student, William H. McCardell Memorial Scholarship in Forest Science 2018 ($2K), Outstanding MSc Thesis 2019 ($500), FGSR Recruitment Award 2019 ($15K), Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship 2019 ($10K).

PictureZihaohan's website

Nadele Flynn
PhD student, 2017 to present


Predicting climate change resilience in the Yukon at multiple scales: from biological response to site and ecosystem classifications.
Supervisor: Andreas Hamann

Picture NSERC/Create Northern Programs scholarship 2017-2020 ($54K), Northern Scientific Training Program Grant 2018, 2019 ($5K), UofA Northern Research Award 2018, 2019 ($5K), Student Presentation Award CONFORWest 2018 Conference, POLAR Northern Resident Scholarship 2018 ($10K), Mitacs Accelerate 2018, 2020 ($30K)

PictureProject website

Vinicius Goncalves Manvailer
PhD student, 2018 to present


Dendroclimatology approaches to assess the resilience of South American forest tree species to climate change.
Supervisor: Andreas Hamann

Picture CAPES International Graduate Stipend 2018-2022 ($120K), University of Alberta Recruitment Award 2018 ($10K)

PictureProject website

Ashley Hynes
MSc student, 2018 to present


Climatic limitations to growth of white spruce across its North American distribution.
Supervisor: Andreas Hamann

Picture Peer-reviewed journal article

Picture TRANSFOR-M international dual degree student, Renewable Resources Recruitment Award 2018 ($3K), Indigenous Graduate Student Award 2018 ($15K), Individual Study Abroad Award 2019 ($4K), Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship 2019 ($12K).

PictureAshley's website

Kathryn Levesque
MF/MSc student, 2019 to present


Water use efficiency in conifers inferred from dual isotope analysis in response to drought events
Supervisor: Andreas Hamann

Picture TRANSFOR-M international dual degree student, Individual Study Abroad Award 2019 ($4K).

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