Phenology of aspen

 RenR480 Course Project

Provenance trial, May 21,  2008

Took by Stephen

Aspen’s Budburst
Inferred from Climate Data

Phenology is described as the study of life cycle phase or activities of plants and animals in their temporal occurrence throughout the year (Lieth 1970). Plant phenology studies have many practical applications, such as forestry and agriculture. Since phenology is linked to the nature characteristics of plants, it also widely used for supervising the global change currently.

Aspen, the most popular deciduous specie, is covered almost entire west Canada. This large scale of spatial distribution could not avoid any of the affection from regional or global change. Phenology of aspen—the timing of aspen budburst— would be a good index for this research.

This project plans to observe the relationship between climate and timing of budburst, which is essentially for those research such as global carbon cyclic, forestry management, and forest regeneration under the new climate condition caused by global change.



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