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When working at this level, aim to explore ideas that offer choices, and help individuals choose to be active. Try a variety of ideas that appeal to as many people as possible in your workplace.

  • Shooting a basket

    When you launch the initiative, put together an employee kit that includes a letter from management endorsing the program, a copy of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and an activity tracker or logbook.

  • Start a physical activity closet filled with low-cost sport and activity equipment (e.g., basketballs, fitness bands, pylons, skipping ropes, Frisbees).

  • Install a basketball net and keep basketballs on hand, so employees can play during breaks or before or after work.

  • Encourage employees to follow the Yoga @ Your Desk, Stretching @ Your Desk or Exercising for Your Hands and Wrists @ Your Desk videos on this website.

  • Have employees track their physical activity week by week by using an activity tracker.

  • Buy one or two bikes and helmets for employees to use at work to get fresh air and sunshine or run errands.

  • Organize “Activity Sampler Days” with varied physical activities for employees to try. Offer information to help connect them to community activities they enjoy.

  • Produce or link to an active living screensaver with physical activity tips that employees can download.

  • Help employees develop time-management skills. These skills can help employees make time for physical activity.

  • Subsidize employee enrolment in community walking or running programs aimed at preparing for specific events.

  • Subsidize memberships in recreation facilities or instructional classes.

  • Arrange individual or group fitness assessments on site or at community facilities.

  • Hire a certified fitness trainer to help employees train for their specific goals.

  • Offer a healthy living program at work that involves experts in both physical activity and nutrition.

  • Provide easy access to resources and information on physical activity, including the resources on the Alberta Centre for Active Living’s website.

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