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Miscellaneous Attractions

Jun 1, 2018

In the last blog I discussed man made objects and particularly humans especially their eyes acting as eye magnets. We discussed the common ones namely, the values, colour in previous discussions. Other miscellaneous objects that attract our eyes, which are less powerful but often deployed relate to size (dominance), shape, repetition with interruption etc. Let us consider these in a little detail with examples.

Size: A large size or a dominant shape is an obvious attraction.

Notice in this acrylic painting below called, Into The Woods. Amongst the various tree trunks our eyes first get attracted to the largest tree trunk marked by the red arrows.

Into The Woods, Acrylic Painting.

Shape: An unusual shape or an odd one out is sure to attract our attention. Observe in the acrylic painting, 

“The Stranger,” the Toucan stands out amongst the parrots.

The Stranger, Acrylic painting

Repetition with Interruption: In the example below, an oil painting called Agua Verde, one rock marked with a red arrow is separated from the group of other rocks in the cliff. This instantly attracts our eyes compared to the rocks making up the cliff

Agua Verde, Oil Painting

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