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Composition In Art 3

Mar 31, 2018

Fig 1 Grid derived by the Golden Ratio. Sweet Spots indicated in blue

An easier and quicker method of the RoT discussed previously was devised (fig 2) ,

 Fig 2 The Grid derived by the Rule Of Thirds

 Fig 3  The Red lines represent RoT and Green lines the Golden ratio

As you will appreciate the sweet spots in both these methods approximate very closely (fig 3) The red grid lines represent the RoT and the green grid lines represent the Golden ratio. So the simple method works.

It however goes without saying that every rule needs to be broken from time to time, especially when composing symmetrical objects. As an example it would be a terrible design to place this ornate, hand carved wooden door in Zanzibar at an off centre sweet spot determined by the RoT rather than smack in the centre.

A house door in Zanzibar

Incidentally have you noticed the integration of the grid of the rule of thirds in most digital camera viewfinders? This is to enable neophytes to take more pleasing off centred photographs of their subjects using the rule of thirds.

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