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Composition In Art 1

Mar 25, 2018

Part 1: Rule Of Thirds

All good art has to be designed and composed well. Which takes quite a while, loads of patience and several thumbnail iterations before embarking on splashing the paint on to the canvas.

 It took me a while to grasp the nuances of composition. To make it easy to grasp. I have utilized a painting of mine, the “Glittering Mallows", a watercolour painting 14” X 18”on 140Ibs Arches paper.

More about the design and composition of this painting on my next blog/ newsletter.

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Mohamed Hirji

The most mentioned method of the composition is the "Rule Of Thirds", where the focus of ones painting (in this case the flower  below should lie around one of the 4 intersections points of the two imaginary horizontal and two imaginary vertical lines dividing the canvas into thirds. These are referred to as sweet spots and are indicated by the red  targets on the painting.

Glittering Mellows,  Watercolour Painting