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Elected at the AGM at Ryerson University, on May 28, 2017, or earlier:

Honorary President, 2017-18

  • Zina Gimpelevich
    University of Waterloo
    e-mail: zgimpelevich@uwaterloo.ca

President, 2016-18

Vice Presidents, 2017-18

  • Bohdan Nebesio
    Brock University
    e-mail: bnebesio@brocku.ca
  • Volha Isakava
    Central Washington University
    e-mail: volha.isakava@gmail.com

Secretary-Treasurer, 2016-19

 Editor, Canadian Slavonic Papers, 2016-2021

Programme Chair, 2017-18

  • Natalia Khanenko-Friesen
    St. Thomas More College
    email: nfriesen@stmcollege.ca

Local Events Coordinators, 2017-18

  • Joy Demoskoff
    Briercrest College and Seminary

Programme Chair, 2018-19

  • Katherine Bowers
    University of British Columbia
    email: Katherine.Bowers@ubc.ca

Local Events Coordinators, 2018-19

  • Katherine Bowers
    University of British Columbia
    email: Katherine.Bowers@ubc.ca

Members-at-large, 2017-18

  • Serhy Yekelchyk
    University of Victoria
    e-mail: serhy@uvic.ca
  • Maria Bondarenko
    University of Montreal
    e-mail: maria.bondarenko@umontreal.ca
  • Nigel Raab
    Loyola Marymount University
  • Allan Reid
    University New Brunswick
  • Donna Orwin
    University of Toronto
  • Taras Koznarsky
    University of Toronto
Nominating Committee
Immediate Past President and Chair
  • Elena Baraban
    University of Manitoba
    e-mail: elena.baraban@umanitoba.ca

Nominating Committee Members, 2017-18

  • Svitlana Krys
    MacEwan University
    e-mail: kryss@macewan.ca
  • Megan Swift
    University Victoria
    e-mail: maswift@uvic.ca

International Committee of Slavists, 2013-2018

  • Olga Mladenova
    University of Calgary
    e-mail: omladeno@ucalgary.ca


  • Andrii Krawchuk, , 2014-2020
    University of Sudbury
    email: akrawchuk@sympatico.ca

International Relations Committee, 2014-19

  • Natalia Pylypiuk
    University of Alberta
    e-mail: natalia.pylypiuk@ualberta.ca

Graduate Student Representatives, 2017-18

  • Dorotka Lockyer
    University of Victoria
    e-mail: dlockyer@uvic.ca
  • Oksana Vynnyk
    University of Alberta
    e-mail: vynnyk@ualberta.ca
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