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Taking blood pressure on exercise bikeBeing active is important for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Many of us sit much of the day, working at the computer, driving the car, watching television or playing video games. We can learn to take opportunities during the day to get the activity our body and mind need.

Physical activity will help you:

  • feel more energetic

  • feel better about yourself and boost your mood

  • relax and cope with stress

  • improve your posture and balance

  • strengthen your muscles and bones

  • control your weight

  • meet new people and connect with family and friends

  • stay independent as you get older

  • cut in half your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, stroke and colon cancer

How Much Activity Do I Need to Get Health Benefits?

Physical activity doesn’t have to be hard to make a difference to your health. You might be surprised how little bits of activity can add up.

Do activities you enjoy for at least 10 minutes at a time, building up to at least
150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per
week. The time you need to spend on activity depends upon the effort you put in. As the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines say, “more physical activity provides greater health benefits.”

Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and Type 2 diabetes by as much as 50 per cent.

Public Health Agency of Canada

How Can I Stay Active?

You may want to be active (and even know how much and what to do) yet feel you lack the time or energy to follow through. But you don’t have to find a chunk of time at the end of a busy day to get your daily dose of activity. You can energize your day with 10-minute bouts of activity during breaks or in your trip to and from work.

The best activity is the one you’ll keep doing. Find an activity that matches your interests and you’re likely to do it more often.

Staying active is easier when:

  • Your family and friends encourage you.

  • Your employer supports your efforts to be active during your workday.

  • Your community has walking paths, parks and facilities that invite you to be active.

Find out More

You may want to make these links available to your colleagues. If you’d like to reprint the articles, be sure to follow any permission requirements.

  • Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines Research Documentation: Offers review articles, methodology papers, clinical practice guidelines and guidelines foundation papers.

  • Four Good Reasons to be More Active: Physical activity benefits more than your physical health. It’s fun, makes you feel good, connects you with others, and helps you stay independent as you get older.

  • The Dangers of Too Much Sitting: Too much sitting is not good  for our health. Being inactive for long periods of time is not healthy.  In fact, being inactive is associated with increases in chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and some cancers.

  • Other helpful articles are listed in the Resources section of this website.

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