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Photo Contest Winners

Winners of the 2005 and 2006 Spence Lab photo contest. Thanks to Stéphane Bourassa, and Charlene Wood for organizing


Abstract Evan Esch
Action Charlene Wood
Botanical Jaime Pinzon
Humor Jaime Pinzon
Invertebrate Charlene Wood
Landscape Charlene Wood
People Jaime Pinzon
Urban Jaime Pinzon


Abstract Jaime Pinzon
Action Jaime Pinzon
Botanical Stephane Bourassa
Humor Josh Jacobs
Invertebrate Stephane Bourassa
Landscape Philip Hoffman
People Philip Hoffman
Photoshop Jaime Pinzon
Urban Philip Hoffman
Vertebrate Stephane Bourassa


Abstract Tyler Cobb
Action Nico Debaive
Botanical Stephane Bourassa
Humor Tyler Cobb
Invertebrate Josh Jacobs
Landscape Matti Koivula
People Matti Koivula
Photoshop Tyler Cobb
Urban Jaime Pinzon
Vertebrate Matti Koivula


Abstract Katarzyna Dyszy
Action Katarzyna Dyszy
Botanical Chris MacQuarrie
Humor Katarzyna Dyszy
Invertebrate Chris MacQuarrie
Landscape Katarzyna Dyszy
People Katarzyna Dyszy
Photoshop Josh Jacobs
Urban Katarzyna Dyszy
Vertebrate Matti Koivula