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George Lake Research Site

The George lake research site, located one hour north-west of Edmonton (Map), is well equipped for studying forest and aquatic ecosystems. A permanent cabin with a kitchen, lab and sleeping areas is located on site. The garage is equipped with tools and an array of supplies and field research equipment.  Aspen dominated forest surrounds the site and is the ideal place for small-scale labour intensive experiments. Numerous ponds in the area and George Lake itself are ideal for aquatic studies.

Previous studies at George lake have examined Beetle and Spider community structure, Forest tent caterpillar, Birch leafminer, and Water strider ecology and Carabid beetle behaviour.

Two long term population ecology studies are ongoing at George Lake; One experiment pond has had the water strider population captured, recorded and marked during the ice free period for the past 2 decades; In the other beetle enclosures were established on the site in the early 1990’s and have been re-sampled every few years since. 

George Lake is also home of the annual House River Beer Festival at the end of the summer, and is a great place to get the lab together for relaxation and fun.