People in the Winship Lab

Lab Christmas Photo 2018 with Easton, Eszter, Junqiang, Wes, Ian, Tricia, Yonglie, Somnath, Mischa, and Amelie!

Ian R. Winship (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Winship is an Associate Professor and Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Scholar in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Alberta. As Director of the Neurochemical Research Unit (NRU), he leads a diverse group of scientists investigating the funadmental neurobiology of the CNS and working to develop new therapies for psychiatric and neurolgocial disorders. Research in the Winship lab combines advanced imaging and behavioural neuroscience to define how the integrated CNS functions and identify key pathophysiological or adaptive processes in brain disease. These insights are used to develop new therapies for disorders including stroke, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia.

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Ian Winship

Doctoral Students

Mischa Vance Bandet

Mischa is a University of Alberta Alumni, graduating in 2013 from the BSc Honours Neuroscience program where he completed his thesis in Dr. Winship's Lab.

His PhD is investigating sensorimotor encoding of cutaneous and proprioceptive information in rodents using two-photon calcium imaging prior to and after stroke onset. His primary focus is on understanding the neurophysiological basis underlying plasticity and recovery of sensory function in post-stroke neural networks, and how adaptive plasticity can be augmented with therapeutic drugs. He has also made exciting contributions to high impact collaborative projects (e.g. "Metabotropic NMDA receptor signaling couples Src family kinases to pannexin-1 during excitotoxicity" and "Pericytes impair capillary blood flow and motor function after chronic spinal cord injury")

Junqiang Ma

Junqiang Ma completed his Master degree of Clinical Medicine in 2014 from the Shantou University Medical College in Shantou, China.

Junqiang is sponsored by the Li Ka Shing Sino-Canadian Exchange Program to have his PhD studies supervised by Dr.Winship. Junqiang'sPhD research uses advanced in vivo imaging to measure collateral blood flow during experimental therapies to improve blood flow and reduce brain damage due to stroke. He has produce novel data demonstrating that collateral vessels collapse over time but that this can be reversed by inducing remote ischemia. His ongoing research investigates the mechanisms of remote ischemia and the efficacy of phosphodiesterase inhibitors as collateral therapuetics.

John Wesley Paylor

Wes completed his Bachelor of Science (hons.) with distinction in Psychology in 2013 from the University of Victoria. In late 2015, he completed his Masters of Neuroscience in the Winship lab. His MSc thesis focused on a loss of "perineuronal nets" in the extracellular matrix of the central nervous system in pathological neural plasticity in schizophrenia.

Wes is now working on his PhD in the Department of Psychiatry. His current work is a continuation of his masters, focusing on pathological neural plasticity in animal models of schizophrenia. In his time at the University of Alberta, he has also made contributions to exciting papers examining the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis.

Somnath Gupta

Somnath completed his Masters in Biotechnology at Nirma University and worked at at biopharmaceutical company for 3 years in Research and Development.

Somnath started his PhD at the University of Alberta in September 2016, and transferred into the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute under the supervision of Dr. Winship and Dr. Kathryn Todd in September 2017. His research will investigate novel methods to drive neuroplasticity by manipulating CSPGs and CSPG receptors in vitro and in vivo after stroke.

Masters Students

Eszter Szepesvari

Eszter is currently completing her Master's degree under the supervision of Dr. Winship in the Neurochemical Research Unit of the Department of Psychiatry. She received her BSc. Honors in Neuroscience from the University of Alberta in 2016.

Eszter is studying the mechanisms governing functional recovery following stroke. Her work is focused on characterizing the relationship between post-stroke axonal sprouting, chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (CSPG) formation and myelination. She utilizes longitudinal in vivo imaging of these variables to determine how they relate to functional remapping and stroke outcome.

Undergraduate Students

Easton Munchrath

Easton is an honours neuroscience student working on a project investigating the endogenous expression of a growth promoting factor during recovery from stroke.

Celestina Tanase

Celestina is working on a project investigating the presence of unusual cells with neuronal and astrycte characteristics in tissue beside the stroke.

Laboratory Technologists

Yonglie Ma

Yonglie received his Bachelor of Medicine and Masters of Medicine in Neuroscience in China. He has worked as an animal surgeon or laboratory technician in different Departments and Institutions at University of Alberta since 2004.


Yonglie joined Dr. Winship’s lab in November 2014. His research focuses on the mechanisms of remote ischemia (with support from the QNRF) and the use of laser speckle contrast imaging and 2-photon imaging to measure collateral blood flow after distral middle cerebral artery occlusion in rodents.

Tricia Kent

Tricia attended the University of British Columbia to obtain a BSc. Biochemistry in 2010 and then went on to complete a MSc. Experimental Medicine at McGill University in 2014. Her research focused on genetic regulation of hepatic iron metabolism, focusing on upstream regulation of hepcidin.

Tricia joined the NRU in May 2016 as the NRU - Dewhurst labs biotechnologist and lab coordinator. She brings a wealth of experience to the Winship, Todd, and Baker labs. In the Winship lab, she has developed novel methods to isolate brain arterioles for mechanistic assays.

Winship Lab Alumni

Completed Graduate Students


Amelie Tison (MSc, Exchange with Lund University, January 2019)

Spinal cord plasticity after stroke. Now a post-doctoral fellow in the Winship lab until December 2017.


Anna Wiersma (PhD, June 2017)

Spinal cord plasticity after stroke. Now a post-doctoral fellow in the Winship lab until December 2017.

Sam Joshva (PhD, January 2017)

Microglial response to CNS injury. Now a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Sam David's lab at McGill.

John Wesley Paylor (MSc, November 2015)

Pathological neural plasticity in schizophrenia. Now a PhD student in the Winship lab.

Gomathi Ramakrishnan (MSc, November 2013)

Augmenting collateral bloodflow after stroke. Now a staff member in the Frank lab at UCSF.


Undergraduate Students (Summer Students, Honours Students)


2018                Easton Munchrath & Celestina Tanase (Summer Student & NMHI Honours)

2017                Samantha Ho (Summer Student & NMHI Honours); Mujtaba Siddique
2016                Tara Freeman (NMHI Honours), Eszter Szevespari (Summer Student & NMHI Honours)
2015                Cole Sugden (AIHS Summer Student), Eszter Szevespari (AIHS Summer Student)
2014                Sean Rah, Reiner Silveira de Moraes
2013                Aala Abdullahi, Mischa Bandet (AIHS Summer Student & NMHI Honours)
2012                Mischa Bandet (AIHS Summer Student), Nathan Ikuta
2011                Naik Arbabzada (AIHS Summer), Anna Wiersma (Physiology Honours), Kirsten Kelly (HYRS)
2010                Anna Wiersma, Stan Hrybouski
2008                Cris Quitral, Stephanie Pelech, Terence Wong, Maria Lee (AIHS Summer Student)