Updates and Events from the Winship Lab!   

2022 Christmas party at the NRU

  • Check out An's new open access paper on "Neutrophil dynamics and inflammaging in acute ischemic stroke: A transcriptomic review."
  • Congratulations to Celestina for her exceptional Master's thesis defenses! We wish you an amazing new journey in Ireland
  • Check out Sima's new open access paper on "Immune Modulation as a Key Mechanism for the Protective Effects of Remote Ischemic Conditioning After Stroke."
  • Check out An's contribution to the CONNECTIONS exhibition hosted by the NMHI
  • Congratulations to Mehul, An, and Grant for exceptional defenses of their Honors Thesis Projects! We wish you luck on your next journey in Germany, Mehul!
  • Our graduate students at the 15th Canadian neuroscience meeting
    Graduate students' conference presentations at the 15th Canadian neuroscience meeting

  • Check out Mischa's thesis "An exploration of neural network activity within the limb-associated somatosensory cortex of the healthy and stroke injured brain of mice."
  • Congratulations to Faith (AIHS) and An (AIHS) for being awarded summer research studentships! Congrats to Sima on being awarded a Motyl Scholarship for 2021 and 2022!
  • Check out Mischa's new open access papers on "Distinct patterns of activity in individual cortical neurons and local networks in primary somatosensory cortex of mice evoked by square-wave mechanical limb stimulation" and Sam and Somnath's paper on "Inflammatory Cytokine Profile and Plasticity of Brain and Spinal Microglia in Response to ATP and Glutamatea."
  • Congratulations to Faith and Rayyan for exceptional defenses of their Honors Thesis Projects! Huge congratulations to Faith for being awarded the Lieutenant-Governor's Gold Medal for achieving the highest distinction in scholarship!!
  • Lab outing and frisbee in celebration of Mischa's successful PhD thesis defense