Check out Mischa's new open access papers on Aberrant cortical activity, functional connectivity, and neural assembly architecture after photothrombotic stroke in mice.

Congratulations Dr. Somnath Gupta on his successful PhD thesis defense! We had a chance to celebrate his achievement at our 2023 Christmas party.

Check out Somnath's newest publication on Pleiotrophin Signals Through ALK Receptor to Enhance the Growth of Neurons in the Presence of Inhibitory Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycans.

Check out An's new paper on Neutrophil dynamics and inflammaging in acute ischemic stroke: A transcriptomic review!

Congratulations to Dr. Mischa Bandet for his exeptional PhD thesis defenses!

Congratulations to Celestina for her exeptional masters thesis defenses! Good luck on your new journey in Dublin!

Check out Mischa's new open access papers on Distinct patterns of activity in individual cortical neurons and local networks in primary somatosensory cortex of mice evoked by square-wave mechanical limb stimulation and Sam and Somnath's paper on Inflammatory Cytokine Profile and Plasticity of Brain and Spinal Microglia in Response to ATP and Glutamatea.

Check out Sima's new open access papers on Immune Modulation as a Key Mechanism for the Protective Effects of Remote Ischemic Conditioning After Stroke.