Be professional

All members of the lab deserve equal respect and recognition. Everyone, regardless of experience level, has valuable insights to contribute. Professional conduct during work hours is expected, which includes:

Showing up at a reasonable time. This is particularly important when working with others, value their time as well! Never gossiping about personal lives of lab members.

Being mindful when self-disclosing information.

Cleaning up your work space and communal space. This includes common workspaces (dry lab or procedure rooms must be kept clean and organized, reagents must be replenished) as well as digital spaces (files need to be backed up and organized in central servers, and large files need to be moved from hard drives after backup).

Following all safety procedures. If any accident leads to injury, it must be reported. There will be no judgement, accidents happen!

Treating equipment with respect. If damage to equipment occurs it must be reported so it can be repaired. Again, accidents happen!

Accept responsibility for your mistakes.


Learning is a priority

Helping others in the lab, sharing experiences and troubleshooting resources that may be helpful to other members is encouraged.

Collaboration within the lab and with other members of the scientific community enriches everyone’s experiences; be open to suggestions. All questions are good questions. Reach out to your peers or supervisor when you need help. Mistakes and accidents will happen, and members should not be embarrassed to report them. Other members should support a peer who has made a mistake.


Use welcoming and inclusive language

Exclusionary comments or jokes, threats or violent language are not acceptable.

Do not address others in an angry, intimidating, or demeaning manner. When speaking to or about others, make yourself aware of their preferred pronouns and do not deliberately misgender others. Be considerate of the ways the words you choose may impact others. Offensive behaviour or comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, age, race, ethnicity, religion, or a person’s lifestyle choices and practices are not welcome in the Winship Lab. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this, please discuss with Ian.


Harassment is not tolerated

This includes unwanted physical, sexual or repeated social contact. Consent is not implied, and if you are unsure whether your behaviour towards another person is welcome, ask them. If someone tells you to stop, do so promptly. Respect the privacy and safety of others. Do not take photographs of others without their permission. Posting or threatening to post personally identifying information of others without their consent is a form of harassment.

Ensure every member has the opportunity to participate both within the lab and in social work settings

In group meetings, keep comments succinct to allow engagement by all participants. Do not interrupt others on the basis of disagreement; hold such comments until they have finished speaking. Be considerate of dietary restrictions, familial obligations, religious observances, when planning group events.

If you see something inappropriate happening, a gentle reminder about the Code of Conduct is a productive response.

If you believe a situation requires further intervention please feel welcome to approach Ian or a member of human resources.