Two photon microscopy of cerebral vasculature  

Neurochemical Research Unit
University of Alberta

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Ian Winship
University of Alberta
Department of Psychiatry
12-127 Clinical Sciences Building
Edmonton, AB
Canada, T6G 2G3

Phone: 780-492-8658
Fax: 780-492-6841

University of Alberta


Welcome to the web page for Dr. Ian Winship's lab in the Neurochemical Research Unit at the University of Alberta.

As part of the Centre for Neuroscience and Department of Psychiatry (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry), our multi-disciplinary research uses modern in vivo cellular and regional imaging and other approaches to investigate novel strategies to protect brain tissue from death during stroke, to augment the brain's endogenour repair mechanisms in response to brain damage or degeneration, and to precisely map the functional organization of sensory cortex.

Our facilities include a cutting edge multiphoton and confocal microscope that permits high resolution in vivo imaging of brain structure and function in the intact brain. Other commonly used techniques in our lab include intrinsic optical imaging and laser speckle contrast imaging, as well as behavioural testing and quantitative immunoassays.

Current projects focus on (1) spinal plasticity after stroke, (2) collateral blood flow during stroke and collateral therapeutics, and (3) precise mapping of functional somatotopy in the sensorimotor cortex. Follow the links on the left to learn more about the lab and its people!


Astrocytes and vasculature imaged in vivo.Astrocytes (red) and vasculature (green) imaged in the intact mouse.

Laser speckle contrast imaging of collateral blood flow during strokeLaser speckle contrast imaging of collateral blood flow during stroke.