Welcome to the web page for Dr. Ian Winship's lab in the Neurochemical Research Unit at the University of Alberta!

As part of the Neurochemical Research Unit (Department of Psychiatry ) and Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute, our multi-disciplinary research in behavioural neuroscience uses modern in vivo cellular and regional imaging, optogenetics, quantitative immunoassays, and other approaches to investigate the neurobiology of the healthy or injured brain and to develop new approaches to treat brain disorders. Click the links above to learn more about our research personnel, questions, and approaches!

Recent Winship Lab News
  • Congratulations to Faith (AIHS) and David (NSERC) for being awarded summer research studentships! Congrats to Wes on being awarded the Roger C. Bland Graduate Award in Psychiatry for 2019!
  • Check out Junqiang's new open access paper on "Impaired Collateral Flow in Pial Arterioles of Aged Rats During Ischemic Stroke"
  • Congratulations to Easton and Celestina for exceptional defenses of their Honors Thesis Projects!
  • Check out Wes new manuscript, published in collaboration with the Howland lab, on "Impaired Cognitive Function after Perineuronal Net Degradation in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex"
  • Congratulations to Anna (former PhD student) on her publication in the Journal of Neuroscience titled Enhancing spinal plasticity amplifies the benefits of rehabilitative training and improves recovery from stroke." This article was profiled in the magazine Neurology Today here! Media coverage for the article is summarized here!