Postdoctoral Fellows


1.     Selvakkadunko Selvaratnam, 2018 2019; Assistant Professor (Teaching), U. Toronto.

2.     Yassir Rabhi, 2011 - 2013; Lecturer, U. Essex.

3.     Yongge Tian, 2004 - 2005; Professor, China Economics and Management Academy, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China.

4.     Sanjoy Sinha, 2000 - 2001; Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University.

Graduate Students

PhD graduates

1.     Rui Hu, 2016; thesis entitled Robust Designs for Model Discrimination and Prediction of a Threshold Probability. Associate Professor, MacEwan University.

2.     Adeniyi Adewale, 2006; thesis entitled Robust Integer-Valued Designs for Generalized Linear Models. Therapeutic Area Lead Statistician with Alcon, formerly Biometrician with Merck & Co. Inc.

3.     Xiaojian Xu, 2006; thesis entitled Robust Prediction and Extrapolation Designs, with Applications to Accelerated Life Testing. Professor, Department of Mathematics, Brock University.

4.     Zhide Fang, 1999; thesis entitled Robust Extrapolation Designs. Professor and Chair, Biostatistics, School of Public Health; Professor, Genetics, School of Medicine; Louisiana State University-Health Sciences Center, New Orleans.

5.     Giseon Heo, 1998; thesis entitled Optimal Designs for Approximately Polynomial Regression Models. Associate Professor, Department of Dentistry, University of Alberta.

6.     Alwell Oyet, 1997; thesis entitled Robust Designs for Wavelet Approximations of Nonlinear Models. Associate Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland (was Visiting Professor, University of Toronto, 1997/98).

7.     Julie Zhou, 1995; thesis entitled Robust Experimental Designs for Linear Models. Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria (was Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Lakehead University, 1995-1998).

8.     Eden Wu, 1990; thesis entitled Asymptotic Minimax Properties of M-estimators of Scale. Retired Professor, Department of Statistics, Chinese University of Hong Kong).

MSc graduates

9.     Jiang Yin; 2017 (co-supervised, with N.G.N. Prasad); project entitled Analysis of a Bladder Cancer Clinical Trial Using a Shared Frailty Model. Research Associate, Biochemistry, U. Alberta.

10.  Nadezda Frolova; 2016 (co-supervised, with Ivor Cribben); thesis entitled Estimation of Extreme Value Dependence: Application to Australian Spot Electricity Prices. Risk analyst, ATB.

11.  Rui Nie; 2015; thesis entitled Robust Active Learning. Statistical Analyst, Medical Council of Canada, Ottawa.

12.  Fiaz Amber; 2015; project entitled A Statistical Analysis for Genes and Environmental Factors Involved in Blood Pressure Variation. Research and Data Analyst, City of Edmonton.

13.  Rui Gao; 2015; project entitled A Study of Factors Which Affect Migration. Analyst, Addiction and Mental Health, Alberta Health Services.

14.  Zhichun Zhai; 2014; thesis entitled Robust Sampling Designs for Model-Based Stratification. Mathematical modeller/Statistician, Fitmylife Health Analytics, Edmonton.

15.  Xiaozhou Wang; 2014; thesis entitled V-Robust Designs for AR(1) Processes. Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist,

16.  Dengdeng Yu, 2013; thesis entitled Comparison of Three Methods of Generating Robust Statistical Designs. Postdoc, U. Alberta.

17.  Maryam Daemi, 2012; thesis entitled Minimax Design for Approximate Straight Line Regression. Data Analyst, Alberta Health.

18.  Jamil Karami, 2011; thesis entitled Designs for Nonlinear Regression With a Prior on the Parameters. Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Dhaka.

19.  Kate Yaraee, 2011; thesis entitled Functional Data Analysis With Application to MS and Cervical Vertebrae Data. Business Analytics Analyst, City of Edmonton.

20.  Xiao Guo, 2011; project entitled Longitudinal Data Analysis in Social Science Data. Senior Research Analyst, Management Insight Technologies, Massachusetts.

21.  Ya Meng, 2011; thesis entitled An Application of Gene Set Analysis for a Comparison of Two Groups. Statistician (vaccine clinical trials), Sanofi Pasteur.

22.  Mengzhe Wang, 2006; project entitled A Comparative Study of Robust Regression Designs. Manager, Analytic Team, Cancer Surveillance, Alberta Health Services.

23.  Fred Ackah, 2004; project entitled Robust Assignment Probabilities for Clinical Trials. Health data analyst, Alberta Health and Wellness.

24.  John Baser, 2003; project entitled A Kalman Filter Analysis of Particulate Matter Using an AR(1) Model. Data analyst, Government of Alberta.

25.  Adeniyi Adewale, 2002; thesis entitled Robust Designs for Approximate Regression Models with Two Interacting Regressors. See "PhD graduates".

26.  Md. Shakhawat Hossain, 2002; project entitled Implementation of Robust Designs for Straight Line Regression. Ph.D. (U. Windsor); Professor, University of Winnipeg.

27.  Xia Wu, 2000; project entitled A Comparative Study of Various Allocation Schemes in a Clinical Trial. Analyst with Statistics Canada.

28.  Quanli Wang, 1999; thesis entitled Approximations to the Distributions of Some Robust Test Statistics. Bioinformatician, Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

29.  John O'Connor, 1998; project entitled An Analysis of Hearing Loss in Goldminers. Instructor of Mathematics, Grant McEwan College, Edmonton AB.

30.  Zhiyi Du, 1995; thesis entitled Jackknife Methods in Robust Regression. Software engineer with Nokia, Ottawa.

31.  Julie Zhou, 1992; thesis entitled Bounded Influence R-estimators in the Linear Model. See "PhD graduates".

32.  Feng Tao, 1992; project entitled An Analysis of Geographical Data. In private business.

33.  Tony Leung, 1992; project entitled Using Measurement Error Models to Study the Shelter Effect. Biostatistician, Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical School.

34.  Hai Nguyen, 1992; project entitled Application of Some Multivariate Techniques in Analysing Biological Data. Biometrician, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Nanaimo BC.

35.  Yu Wang, 1992; thesis entitled Optimal Robust Rank-Based Estimators in the Linear Model. Assistant Professor, Finance and Economics, Boston University.


36.  Leshy Paynter, PhD (incomplete) 1985-87, Dalhousie University; now a clergyman.

PhD theses for which I was the external examiner

1.     M. Xie, 1998, Hong Kong Baptist University; thesis entitled Some Optimalities of Uniform Designs and Projection Uniform Designs Under Multi-Factor Models.

2.     M. Salibian-Barrera, 2000; University of British Columbia; thesis entitled Contributions to the Theory of Robust Inference.

3.     Peilin Shi, 2002; University of Victoria; thesis entitled Minimax Robust Designs for Misspecified Regression Models.