Scientific interests and current research

My research is focused on the physics of planetary interiors. The topics of my research include the study of convective flows in spherical shell geometries, the generation and evolution of planetary magnetic fields, the rotational dynamics of planetary bodies and fluid-solid interactions at interior boundaries. My work is mainly theoretical, including numerical simulations, with an emphasis on relating specific observations to simple models of the dynamics.

Many of my research projects have focused on the interior of Earth, more specifically the physics related to its fluid and solid cores. I have also done some work on the interior dynamics of Mercury, and on convective flows on Giant Gas planets like Jupiter. More recently, I have started working on projects focused on the Moon, and I plan to apply some of these ideas soon to exoplanets (stay tooned!)

Below is a sample of my past and present research topics and interests. Click on these for more details.

Geomagnetic secular variation

Numerical simulations of torsional oscillations and rigid zonal flows

Geomagnetic jerks

Changes in gravity caused by core flows

The inner core and Earth's rotation

Inner core tilt and Earth's rotation

Archaeomagnetic secular variation

Changes in length of day at millennial timescales

The Earth's nutations

Quasi-geostrophic models of thermal convection

The zonal winds of Jupiter and Saturn

The librations of Mercury

Iron-snow in Mercury's core