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Mathieu Dumberry



Department of Physics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2E1
Office: CCIS 3-093

Scientific Interests and current research

Below is a sample of my past and present research topics and interests. Click on these for more details.

For prospective graduate students: I have many projects that are appropriate for either MSc or PhD theses. Please browse through these topics (and my Publications page) to get a glimpse of the type of research that I do and might interest you. Feel free to email me to inquire about the possibility of pursuing a graduate degree under my supervision and discuss research project ideas.

  • Geomagnetic secular variation

  • Numerical simulations of torsional oscillations and rigid zonal flows

  • Geomagnetic jerks

  • Changes in gravity caused by core flows

  • The inner core and Earth's rotation

  • Inner core tilt and Earth's rotation

  • Archaeomagnetic secular variation

  • Changes in length of day at millennial timescales

  • The Earth's nutations

  • The librations of Mercury and its interior structure

  • Iron-snow in Mercury's core

  • The Cassini state of the Moon