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Mathieu Dumberry



Department of Physics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2E1
Office: CCIS 3-093

Students and Postdocs

Current Graduate Students

  • Your name here! I am currently looking for MSc and PhD students. You can browse my research page to get a sense of the type of research projects that might interest you!

  • Current Undergraduate Students

  • Jiarui Zhang, undergraduate summer research project, Rotational dissipation in the lunar core, May to August 2020.

  • Ian Richardson, undergraduate summer research project, Rotational dissipation in Mercury's core, May to August 2020.

  • Former Postdoctoral Research Assistant

  • Laurence Koot, July 2009 - December 2010, Earth's nutations and core-mantle electromagnetic coupling. Now teaching physics at high school level, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Former Graduate Students

  • Martin Veasey, MSc., July 2008 - October 2010, The librations of Mercury and the size of its inner core. Honors: Hibbs travel award. Now employed by the Met Office, UK.

  • Daniel Laycock, PhD., September 2009 - December 2014, A generalized two dimensional quasigeostrophic model of thermal convection. Honors: NSERC-CGS doctoral fellowship, Hibbs travel award, Hibbs fellowship. Now employed by the Royal Bank of Canada.

  • Colin More, PhD., January 2011 - October 2017, Magnetically-forced axisymmetric zonal accelerations in Earth's outer core. Honors: NSERC-PGS doctoral fellowship, IGR Best student presentation, Hibbs travel award. Service: president of the graduate student association. Now employed by Wello, Finland.

  • Zhenhua Li, PhD. (co-supervision), September 2013 - September 2017, Rotational Seismology and Its Applications in Microseismic Event Localization. Now completing a postdoctoral fellowship, University of Alberta.

  • Olivier Organowski, MSc., September 2016 - December 2018, Viscoelastic Relaxation within the Moon and the Phase Lead of its Cassini State. Now employed by Peloton, Houston USA.

  • Christopher Stys, MSc, September 2016 - December 2018, Inner Cassini States of the Moon, and their implications for a mechanically driven dynamo. Honors: Hibbs travel award. Now self-employed as a video game designer, Edmonton.

  • Former Undergraduate Students

  • Gonzalo Rubio, undergraduate thesis project advisor, Numerical simulation of a quasi-geostrophic model of thermal convection, January to April 2017.

  • Christopher Stys, undergraduate thesis project advisor, Gravity variations induced by the precession of the Moon's inner core, January to April 2016.

  • Simone Strohmair, undergraduate thesis project advisor, Librations on Mercury, January to April 2013.

  • Matthew Quigley, Summer undergraduate research, Archaeomagnetic westward drift, May to August 2012, Honors: Physics department summer research grant.

  • Alice H. Koning, Co-op internship., Sept to Dec. 2011, Internal forcing of Mercury's long period free librations.

  • Mitchell Liddell, Summer undergraduate research, May to August 2009, Honors: NSERC undergraduate research grant.