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Dinesh Rathi

School of Library and Information Studies
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

UofA SLIS Logo

"... Knowledge Management, Open Source Software, Digital Libraries, Communities, Text Mining, Broadband ..."

Teaching - Graduate (G) and Undergraduate (UG) Courses

University of Alberta (2008 - Current)

  • Introduction to Knowledge Management (LSI598/LIS507) (online and on-campus) (G)
  • Foundations of Library and Information Studies (LIS501) (G) (online)
  • Leadership and Management Principles for Library and Information Services (LIS504) (on-campus) (G)
  • Information Technologies in LIS Environments (LIS508) (online) (G)
  • Emerging and Evolving Technologies (LIS598/LIS539) (online and on-campus) (G)
  • Practicum (LIS590) (online and on-campus) (G)
  • Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability (LIS534) (on-campus) (G)
  • Database Driven Websites (LIS598) (on-campus) (G)
  • Directed Study (LIS599) (G)
  • COMM507: Knowledge Management (MACT Program)(G)
  • Electronic Marketing (UG)
  • Critical Strategies for the Information Universe (LIS210) (on-campus) (UG)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2002 - 2007)

  • Interfaces to Information Systems
  • Introduction to Network Systems
  • Information Technology and Organization
  • Social Aspects of Information Systems


  • Online Technical Training Modules
    • Developed online training modules for imparting technical skills to students on the basics of Unix Commands, Text Editors, Markup - HTML / XML, Shell Scripting, Software Installation in UNIX, Regular Expressions, etc.