Duncan Elliott, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Alberta

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Research Interests

RF Circuits and Architectures
Innovating at the architectural level to build phase lock loops with faster acquisition times & higher speeds, new architecture for integrated phased array radar
Spacecraft Design, Satellite Systems
Open CubeSat Platform (OCP)
Open source CubeSat circuit boards, firmware, designs
Electronics for communications, phased array antennae, reliable hardware & software real-time systems
Autonomous Aircraft
UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and sensors
Microfluidic-Electronic Systems
Microfluidic and integrated instrumentation for DNA analysis
Multi-valued DRAMs
Storing multiple levels (and therefore multiple bits) per DRAM cell can increase the density and lower the cost.  This is an idea which has been around, but new circuit techniques show promise in canceling the effects of IC process variations.
Computational RAM:.
Computational RAM is memory with SIMD processors at the sense amps which runs GIPS around the CPU. The processing should be placed in the memory because there's 3000 times the memory bandwidth in a workstation's main memory than at the processor. I back up my claims with silicon, parallel applications and a programming language. Research topics are available in computer architecture and VLSI design.
Digital FEC Decoders
Low-power high-throughput circuits for LDPC encoding and decoding
Parallel Processing
Using massively parallel processing to solve problems in image and signal processing, VLSI CAD, optimization and data mining

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+1 (780) 492-5357 office 
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For most of 2020, work is done off-site.
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Duncan Elliott
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
11th Floor Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering,
9211-116 Street NW,
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 1H9

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Graduate student applications

Please see Graduate Programs for information about graduate applications.  Feel free to note my name on the application if you have spoken to me or are interested in my research.  I apologize that I am unable to reply to email requests.  I'll review applications and initiate contact as necessary.

Capstone Project Ideas

I and other contributors have some suggestions for final year undergraduate capstone design course projects for
Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering &
Mech Engineering
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Office Hours

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Mon/Fri 13:50-15:00
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For group work, please bring all of your group members with you to the office hours, or note why this is not possible.
Other times by appointment only please.  Mornings are a bad time.
Other duties may force me to cancel individual office hours with little notice.  Please see me or send email to reschedule and I'll find you a meeting time.

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ECE 710 Satellite (Spacecraft) Design
ECE 210 Introduction to Digital Logic Design
ECE 311 Computer Organization and Architecture

Courses I've taught in the past:
ECE 492 Computer Engineering Design Project
ECE 553 Digital Integrated Circuit Design (eClass is newer)

ECE 403 Integrated Circuit Design (eClass is newer)
CMPE 490 Design of Microprocessor-based Systems
CMPE 450 Nanoscale System Design Project
CMPE 382  Computer Organization and Architecture
CMPE 480  Advanced Digital Logic Design
ECE 510 Computer Systems Architecture
ECE 511  Digital ASIC Design
EE 710 Computer Architecture
EE 552 High Level Digital ASIC Design Using CAD
EE 654 SIMD Parallel Processor Architectures and Applications
EE 652 Semiconductor Memory Circuits and Architectures
EE 483 Integrated Circuit Design
EE 653 Integrated Circuit Design with Project


Satellite design, RF circuits & architectures, radar, integrated electronics, microfluidics, application specific memory architectures,  VLSI,  Lab on a Chip, computer architecture, parallel processing, network routing hardware and FEC decoder circuits,
Ham radio, hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, cycling, rock climbing, running, photography
I am the faculty co-adviser for the University of Alberta Aerial Robotics Group (UAARG) and AlbertaSat (cube-sat, U of A cube satellite group launching Alberta's first satellite March 2017)

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