ECE 492 - Computer Engineering Design Project

Winter Term  (2018w)  last updated 2018-1-16

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Faculty ECE492 Syllabus

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General Course Info
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Lecture notes
Project Requirements
Book a project review meeting -- Please invite all group members at a time when all can attend (add to "Guests") and add your group number to the title.
Project suggestions
Past Projects
Student Application Notes
Current year projects & application notes (use CCID)
Videos of past projects
CDR Schedule
Graduate Scholarships: AITF (Feb?), NSERC PGS (fall)

Use the class forum to ask questions, answer questions, etc.
Use email for questions of a confidential nature.

Office hours


Dates are tentative until January.
Bonuses may be available on some marked materials.  Grades of >100% can be recorded.
For students in inter-department or inter-course project teams, deadlines and marking schemes can be revised by the instructor to accommodate.
If a report section remains unchanged over multiple submission, you will not necessarily receive the same mark -- continual improvement as you refine your project is the goal.

Due        2018w dates
Lab assignments
in eClass
starts Mon Jan 8, 2018 (before first lecture)
Weekly group minutes & TA meetings
starts Jan 22,26 (Monday or Friday lab)
Proposal 7
Jan 22
Best of two marks and detailed feedback if submitted by Jan 12, 2018
Specification 10
Feb 5
Significant portion of code written and submitted
Critical Design Review presentation
Feb 13, 15 in lecture time slot
Progress report & IO Demonstration 10 Mar 5 -- All code should be written and will be marked
IO demos Mar 9, 12, 16
Acceptance testing

Mar 26-Apr 6 in lab (part of final report mark)
re-checks Apr 9
Sign-off sheet,
Poster submitted

Mar 23-Apr 6 (part of presentation mark)
Final Report 20 Apr 13
Presentation & demo 20 Thur Apr 12, 5-9PM, ask about conflicts
Application Notes 10 Feb 26 (+20% bonus), Mar 19 (+10% bonus), Apr 13
lab demo and sign-off required by Apr 6

Duncan Elliott
Nancy Minderman
lab instructor
ETLC 3-012
Michael Wong

Brendan Bruner

Wing Hoy
co-lab instructor
ETLC E4-010
Raza Bhatti
co-lab instructor
ETLC E4-010
Rick McGregor
ECE Stores Technician

ECE492 Calendar

Submissions will not normally be re-graded more than two weeks after the first day these have been returned. 

Labs must be demonstrated in the lab on time. 
Late project reports will be penalized 20% of the assigned mark per school day or part thereof.

Application of group self-evaluation (division of marks), the dissolution or reorganization of groups and sharing requirements between  former group members will be at the instructor's discretion.  The minutes of weekly group meetings could significantly impact the outcome.

Group self-evaluation applies to all group marks during the term, so in a sense, these marks for group work are not earned until the sharing of marks between group members is determined.

Students requiring specialized support should provide letters from Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to the instructor in the first 2 weeks of lectures.

If you wish to discuss private information, let me know that you'd rather not talk in the classroom.

In the past, students have indicated that recording of lectures stifles the asking of questions in lectures.  To keep everyone comfortable, audio or video recording or photographs by students requires the written consent of all students, unless SAS indicates special needs.

General Course Info

Lecture Section: Tuesday and Thursday 8 - 9:20 AM ETLC e1-008. (Lectures will end by Reading Week)

Laboratory Sections (ETLC 3-011):

Monday 2 - 4:50 PM
2 - 4:50 PM
Lab times will be reorganized as needed.
You have extended (building hours) access to the lab with your one-card.
According to the university calendar, ECE492 has 6 hours of labs a week, 3 of them formally scheduled.  Come to the other lab time if you're available.

Office hours  

Credit may only be received for one of ECE492, CMPE490, CMPE450.

Grade Determination Method

In this course, raw marks will be calculated through the end of term.  Group components may be adjusted according to group self-evaluations of contributions.  The percentage grade will be converted to a letter grade according to the calendar definitions of those grades and the degree of mastery of the material.

Code of Student Behaviour

The University of Alberta is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty. Students are expected to be familiar with these standards regarding academic honesty and to uphold the policies of the University in this respect. Students are particularly urged to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Code of Student Behaviour (online at and avoid any behaviour which could potentially result in suspicions of cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation of facts and/or participation in an offence. Academic dishonesty is a serious offence and can result in suspension or expulsion from the University.

Policy about course outlines can be found in Course Requirements, Evaluation Procedures and Grading of the University Calendar.

Critical Design Review Presentation Schedule

  8AM ETLC e1-008 classroom, instructions

Lecture Notes

The most important material will be covered on the white board.  Please ensure you have a complete set of notes.
Selected lecture notes will be made available online one week after the lecture.  A preliminary version may be available beforehand.  Some slides are courtesy of Altera and other manufacturers.
Use your CCID (Campus Computer ID) to access course materials.