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Stay Up to Date on the Latest Kidney Supportive Care Research Group Opportunities



Under the guidance of Dr. Sara Davison, the Kidney Supportive Care Research Group has contributed to the supervision and research experience of several summer students, post-graduate trainees and post-doctoral fellows.

The KSCRG is currently looking for two PhD Graduate Students to work with the Provincial Conservative Kidney Management Clinical Pathway initiative. To learn more about the project visit www.ckmcare.com.

There are opportunities to work on a number of other research and clinical innovation activities involving supportive care, clinical pathways, patient decision aids, health outcomes, quality improvement, and knowledge translation.

Select the following links to view our current training opportunities:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Kidney Supportive Care Research Group (KSCRG)! Currently, there are no available employment openings.  Please continue to check back for future opportunities.


Investigators or other research groups wishing to collaborate with the Kidney Supportive Care Research Group please contact us by email at kscrg@ualberta.ca.

Vision: To help people enjoy life while living with advanced chronic kidney disease by becoming a world leader in kidney supportive care research and clinical innovation.

Kidney Supportive Care Research Group (KSCRG)  l  Mailing Address: 8-105 Clinical Sciences Building, University of Alberta, 11350 83 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2G3  l  Email: kscrg@ualberta.ca  l  Phone: (780) 492-0926 l  Fax: (780) 407-8117