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Economics 503:

Microeconomic Theory I

Fall 2020

Economics 403:

Applied Economics Projects

Winter 2021

Current working papers

Colonel Blotto's Tug-of-War

Stockpiling and Shortages

International Trade and the Survival of Mammalian and Reptilian Species (with Hugo Mialon and Michael Williams)

Auctions vs. Sequential Mechanisms When Resale is Allowed (with Xiaogang Che)

Populism, Partisanship, and the Funding of Political Campaigns

Strategic Voting and Conservatism in Legislative Elections

Matching Markets and Social Networks (with Mary Schroeder)

Work in progress

Bounding Tests for Common Impact in Antitrust Class Certification

A Shapley-Value Approach to Computing Carbon Footprints in Air Travel

Consumer Beliefs and Product Safety Innovations (with Xuejuan Su)

Other publications

Yes, 'Citizens United' helped the GOP (with Hugo Mialon and Michael Williams). The Washington Post, April 8, 2016.

Brief of Economists and Other Social Scientists as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondents. Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Peg Bouaphakeo, et al. United States Supreme Court No. 14-1146, September 29, 2015.

Property Rights and Capitalism (with Paul Rubin). In: Dennis C. Mueller (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Capitalism, Chapter 7, pp. 204–219, 2012.

Publications in refereed journals

The Dynamics of Majoritarian Blotto Games (with Kai Konrad and Adam Solomon). Games and Economic Behavior 117, 402-419, 2019.

The Voting Rights of Ex-Felons and Election Outcomes in the United States (with Hugo Mialon and Michael Wiliams). International Review of Law and Economics 59, 40-56, 2019.

Price-Quality Competition in a Mixed Duopoly (with Xuejuan Su). Journal of Public Economic Theory 21, 400-432, 2019.

An Equilibrium Selection Theory of Monopolization (with Andrew Eckert and Xuejuan Su). Southern Economic Journal 83, 1012-1037, 2017.

The Business of American Democracy: Citizens United, Independent Spending, and Elections (with Hugo Mialon and Michael Williams). Journal of Law and Economics 59, 1-43, 2016.

Entry Deterrence in Dynamic Second-Price Auctions (with Xiaogang Che). American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 8, 168–201, 2016.

Leveling the Playing Field? The Role of Public Campaign Funding in Elections (with Hugo Mialon and Michael Williams). American Law and Economics Review 17, 361–408, 2015. (Winner of 2015 ALER Distinguished Article Prize.)

Strategic Investments under Open Access: Theory and Empirical Evidence (with Xuejuan Su). Journal of Industrial Economics 63, 495–521, 2015.

File Sharing, Network Architecture, and Copyright Enforcement: An Overview Managerial and Decision Economics 35, 444–459, 2014.

A Theory of Perceived Discrimination (with Xuejuan Su) Economic Theory 53, 158–180, 2013.

On Hatred (with Hugo Mialon) American Law and Economics Review 15, 39–72, 2013.

Second-Order Statistical Discrimination (with Xuejuan Su) Journal of Public Economics 97(1), 108–116, 2013.

Finitely Repeated Voluntary Provision of a Public Good Journal of Public Economic Theory 14(2), 547–572, 2012 (lead article).

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Two-Sided Matching with Spatially Differentiated Agents Journal of Mathematical Economics 45, 376–390, 2009.

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Communication in Financial Markets with Several Informed Traders Economic Theory 33, 437–456, 2007.

Primaries and the New Hampshire Effect (with Mattias Polborn) Journal of Public Economics 90, 1073–1114, 2006.

Linear Learning in Changing Environments Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 30, 2577–2611, 2006.

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Perfect Equilibrium and Lexicographic Beliefs (with Hari Govindan) International Journal of Game Theory 31, 229–243, 2003.