Information for undergraduate students

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

A summer job for mathematics students!

      Each year, a good number of Mathematics majors (either in the Specialization program or the Honours program) can spend their summer studying more mathematics while working on a project under the guidance of a professor and receiving a stipend from NSERC, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The funding from NSERC ($6,000) is usually supplemented by a certain amount paid from the supervisor research grant (about $2,500). NSERC provides that financial support through its program of Undergraduate Student Research Awards.

      My field of research is a branch of algebra called Lie Theory: it is named after the mathematician Sophus Lie - pronounced Lee - and you can read an elementary introduction by clicking on the research tab on the left.

      Information about the application process can be obtained by clicking on the following link: USRA. The departmental deadline for applying is usually in January or early February.

Past and current undergraduate students supervised during the summer

Emily Cliff (2010), Patrick Conner (2011,2012), Curtis Wendlandt (2012,2014), Peggy Jankovic (2013,2014), Michael Beaulieu (2013), Matthew Burr (2016,2017), Paul Budinski (2017), Andrew Risen (2018,2019), Graeme Keates (2020), Coleton Kotch (2022).

Office hours in CAB 665:

Wednesday 1-2pm, Friday 1-3pm, and by appointment.


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