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Application Procedure for the MDP Program after January 15, 2024

After the Department's graduate application deadline, January 15, 2024, the MDP program will continue to accept applications until all positions are filled. We encourage interested applicants to use the following procedure:
  • Step 1. Prescreening: Please send your application package including:
    • Transcripts (for all your post-secondary academic programs, a printout or photocopy will do at this stage)
    • One-page statement of purpose (explain why you want to join the MDP program and what you bring to the program)
    • Resume (including your extra-curricular, projects, interships and other work expereinces)
    • One of the TOFEL/IELTS/PTE scores (for international students).
    to Ms. Jane Cooper (mssmdp@ualberta.ca) for prescreening. No admission fees will be assessed during the prescreening.
  • Step 2. Formal application by invitation. Applicants who passed the prescreening will be sent a link to invite them to submit a formal application online at the gradaute application portal. Reference letters will be requested at this stage and the application fee will be processed. (Please note that an invitation to submit a formal application is not a guarantee of admission).
  • Step 3. Submit a formal application. Once you receive the invitation to apply, follow the link provided in the invitation to access the UAlberta's Graduate Studies Management Solution (GSMS) portal. You will need first to crate an account on the portal and then following the online instructions to fill out an application.

    You will be asked to complete the following sections:

    • Personal Information
    • Languages
    • Academic History
    • References
    • Funding: The MDP Program is a student self-funded program. No funding is provided.
    • Supervisors: MDP applicants do not need to specify a supervisor. If you have contacted one of the faculty mentors regarding your application, you can enter the mentor's name as a potential supervisor.
    • Documents: In additional to the mandatory document required by FGSR, (e.g. transcripts and certificates in both English and the original language of all post-secondary education)
    • Declaration
    Note: Application fee has to be paid in order for an application to be evaluated by the Graduate Evaluation Committee.