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Are you good in Math or Stats? Are you analytical minded? Are you facinated by data? Are you aspiring for a data-science related career? The MDP program is designed to help you achieve your goals!
The course-based Master's Program in Modelling, Data and Predictions (MDP) is a graduate training program in data science designed to be completed in 16 months. Graduates of the MDP program will earn a MSc Degree in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences with specialization in Modeling. Data and Prediction. Created by the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, this training program will emphasize the practical aspects of mathematical and statistical modelling, data analysis, statistical machine learning algorithms, and modern computational methods. Upon completion of this program, graduates will possess a unique combination of data modelling and data analytics skills, as well as important soft skills for workplace, and be ready to pursue data science related careers in industry and government.


The innovative MDP program is the only course-based Master's program in Canada that integrates mathematical modeling with statistical modeling and machine-learning modeling. The strong emphasis on modeling skills and computational skills will give our trainees a competitive edge on the job market.

Unique Combination of Courses Our core courses cover five essential skills for data-science applications: mathematical modeling with practical applications, statistical methods for data analysis, statistical machine learning methods for big data analytics, computational and programming skills. These core courses are specially designed for the MDP program with a balance of theoretical depth and practical applications. The core courses are supplemented by a wide selection of existing courses to help students broaden the scope of their knowledge and achieve their career objectives. The courses are offered in Fall and Winter semesters, with Spring and Summer semesters as a break for students to explore research or work experiences for enrichment of their learning.

The Capstone Project and Internship Opportunities The coursework is complemented by a required Capstone Project to give trainees an opportunity of applying their newly acquired knowledge to practical problems in an interdisciplinary research project or through working for companies and government agencies, typically in data analyst intern positions. Projects will be tailored to each trainee and will be based on their interests and career objectives. The MDP program will strive to help trainees find work opportunities in companies and government agencies.

Professional Development Workshops To further prepare our students for the workplace, a series of Professional Development Workshops will be conducted throughout the program. These workshops will connect students with key personnel from industry and government with the purpose to nurture the students with interpersonal skills and prepare them for the workplace. Topics will range from effective communication, knowledge translation, to creative problem solving, working in a collaborative environment, writing a strong resume, and preparing for a job interview.


The program is open to students with a university degree, preferably in mathematical and statistical sciences. Students from other specializations with strong mathematical, statistical, or computational skills are also encouraged to apply. MDP courses are designed to allow all our trainees to quickly find common ground and learn graduate-level skills.


The application to the MDP Program is through the UAlberta's online Graduate Studies Management Solution (GSMS), on the website of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Application procedures are detailed in the Application page. Following the instructions for online application, choose MDP Program as your program of choice on the Application Form, and submit required documentation before the deadline.

The application for the 2022 Fall Semester admission is open. Number of positions are limited, and we encourage you to apply early. If you have questions regarding the application and the MDP program in general, you can check out the MDP FAQ and contact the MDP program.



Professor Michael Li
Course-based Master's Program in Modeling, Data and Predictions (MDP)
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta


Ms. Jane Cooper
Program Coordinator
Course-based Master's Program in Modeling, Data and Predictions (MDP)
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
Phone: 1 (780) 492-3396
Fax: 1 (780) 492-6826


or contact any of the Faculty Mentors.