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Course work for the MDP program include core courses required for all students in the program, and selective courses from a list of approved courses. Graduate courses are offered during the Fall and Winter semesters.

Core Courses

The required core courses aim to provide training of skills in mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, statistical machine learning, and modern computational methods.
  • MATH 509 Data Structures and Platforms
  • MATH 572 Mathematical Modelling in Industry, Government, and Sciences
  • STAT 537 Statistical Methods for Applied Researchers I
  • STAT 513 Statistics Computing
  • STAT 541 Applied Statistical Methods for Data Mining
  • MATH/STAT 900 AB Capstone Project

Elective Courses

In addition to the required courses, students can choose among the following list of courses based on their interest and career objectives.
  • MATH 508 Computational Finance
  • MATH 524 Ordinary Differential Equations IIA
  • MATH 535 Numerical Methods I
  • MATH 570 Mathematical Biology
  • MATH 667 Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases
  • STAT 553 Risk Theory
  • STAT 575 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • STAT 578 Regression Analysis
  • STAT 637 Statistical Methods for Applied Researchers II
  • BIOL 570 Models in Ecology