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The 16-month MDP training program consists of required courses, a Capstone project, and professional development workshops.
  • Course Work To complete the degree *24 credits in graduate courses from a list of approved courses must be taken. Gradaute courses are offered in the Fall and Winter semesters.
  • Capstone Project In addition to the required coursework, each student needs to complete a *6 credit Capstone Project (MATH/STAT 900 AB). The Capstone project can be based on a research project or working as an data analyst intern in companies and government agencies. A final written project report is required and needs to be approved by the department for the completion of Capstone projects.
  • Professional Development Workshops Students are required to participate in a series of Professional Development Workshops. These workshops are designed to hone students' interpersonal skills and prepare them for the workplace. Topics will range from effective communication, knowledge translation, to creative problem solving, working in a collaborative environment, writing a strong resume, and preparing for a job interview.