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Cold atoms background

JILA’s introduction to laser cooling and BEC
Nobel prize citation for laser cooling
Nobel prize citation for Bose-Einstein condensation
Ultracold atoms news
Modern time: a photo/audio essay with W.D. Phillips and friends

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Quantum gases
Atomic physics
uantum physics

Review articles

How to build a simple BEC machine
How to build NIST’s BEC machine
Making, probing and understanding BECs
Making, probing and understanding DFGs
Theory of BEC 
Optical trapping
Artificial gauge fields
Many-body physics with ultracold gases [arxiv]
Quantum simulations with ultracold quantum gases
Simulation: Quantum leaps


Pethick and Smith: BECs in dilute gases
Metcalf: Laser Cooling and Trapping
Foote: Atomic Physics
Cohen-Tannoudji Atom-Photon Interactions

Diversity in physics

APS Minorities in Physics
National Society of Black Physicists (USA)
National Society of Hispanic Physicists (USA)
APS Women in Physics
Grandma got STEM
Smithsonian Magazine: Women in Science
Smithsonian Magazine: Ten historical female scientists
WISEST @ UAlberta
LGBT+ physicistsoutlist
Queer in STEM (survey)
National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (USA)

Physics is beauty
Lindsay LeBlanc, Globe and Mail (Facts and Arguments) 11 June 2009.
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